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I?ve been thinking about what FB2 posted on this word association game:


( i decided before even viewing the previous word that i was gonna say "fart"...why?.....why not....sixty something pages...we need a new game)

After the 73rd page indeed, I think now we are pretty much done with this game (at least for a while)

So, let me introduce this new game:

It is drawn from "Petite Anthologie poetique du surrealisme" by Georges Hugnet:

?You are 5 people sitting around the table. Each one of you writes on a sheet (whitout showing it to the others) the noun who will be the subject of a sentence. You fold the sheet and pass it round to the person on your left while receiving at the same time from the person on your right the sheet he / she prepared as you did... Then, you write an adjective after the subject you don?t know? Same thing for the verb, then for the noun (that will be the direct object of the sentence), etc.? The most famous example who actually gave its name to the game is the first sentence that was created this way: "Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau".

In English: ?The exquisite corpse will drink the young wine?.

Give free rein to your inspiration on this website and post your verses on this forum! Enjoy!


?and if you?d like to write in the language of Moliere, go ahead with this one:


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His urban hoo hoo dilly wishes lots of upset gang-bang

Cha-cha inamorato brainvoid ze_pequeno shake


Her triumphant Cha-cha gobbled your disgusting ball

Cha-cha buzz inamorato brainvoid ze_pequeno

good job!! (inside joke)

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