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english programs for masters degrees....or whatever ideas/recommendation/suggestions regarding studying in europe.

One of my good friends participated in the HEP program in Holland. See the web site at...


Now that she has finished the six month program, she is considering the HEP program to study for a Master's degree in the U.K.

Anyway, you might find it interesting.

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btw, you're addicted of internet for sure. (i guess)

then you can search by google/yahoo/msn .. and so on

just type **schorlarship for postgraduate in (country)**

It will be better if you choose or interested in another country who is not english native speaker then you'll be gotten the third or forth languages :)


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welp sure i can google but i wouldnt know which school is good for what program anyway....i might just go for the schools with city name like when foreigners google schools in thailand...they wouldn't have a clue about chula or tammasart....people just go to bangkok univ.

anyway, thanks for the info all!

toefl min. 270? isnt that the total score? geez

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toefl min. 270? isnt that the total score? geez

i need to take it soon too .. (cos free scholarship)

but 213- 270 computer base. btw, i dont think that paper still available.

damn it! very expensive :twisted:

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For English course in Europe ...I suggust you to find somewhere in UK cause for the other countries they have thier own languages

Yeahh but the other countries have International universities. And for example study in germany is for free. I dont think that it would be a huge problem to survive there cos the most ppl understand more or less english and u can travel in europe which u can not if u just have UK visa. www.daad.de can help u

ai bah!! if it for free .. why all ppl wot go to europe, huh!?! I might be somewhere too. then i dont need to be here(baan-nok) now!!

Free for european, doesnt it??

and it will be free for postgraduate ... not free for undergraduate

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270 is the minimum score there, out of 300, it means you dream in english, and not in some rapper's slang

the magic number is actually the 700 out of 800 gmat, that's a top 5% score

the other tricky thing there is the third language requirement, you need to have working knowledge of something not thai and not english

and so on

and indeed it has a top 5% price to match


oh my thats a frigging high score! i thought my score was qualified for top schools already...geez i cannot study in that school. dont want to be in a super high pressure environment. plus my math is way down in some gutter.

yeah UK is damn pricy...

*sigh* maybe i 'd just go wait tables.

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I live in the universitey town of Leuven (Louvain in English. They have masters taught in English and they have exchange programs with some universities. U can find it back at their website:


International Master's Programmes

Survey of the International Master's Programmes (taught in English) - Academic year 2004-2005 ordered by faculty.

Unless otherwise indicated, all programmes may also be taken on a part-time basis.

All applications are subject to admission requirements.

Faculty of Theology

Institute of Philosophy

Faculty of Canon Law

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Applied Economics

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences


PS and u will find fine ppl there :D .

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Ah! She aint need English course.

UK is damn expensive unless u manage to get free studying from bilateral agreement.

But you can try Europe or Scandinavia. Uni is free there

For instance, University of Oslo offers many tempting programms for free in Masters.

Hey Halomi......

I believe that Scandinavia is a part of Europe and not outside of Europe ????? :roll:

I think You need to study a little more :wink:

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this is slurms posting through my cuz's profile........!!!



by far the cheapest education you can get in a english speaking university in an english speaking country is South Africa.....and if you think cheaper means worse quality education or lifestyle you are very very wrong.....check out the above links for examples of unis here...

I posted about this before as many many especially chinese ....asians are choosing to study there due to the affordability.....

for those who dont know....its a very rich country(far far richer and modern than thailand).....very clean , techologically advanced, safe and diverse (our population makes up 50 % africans , 30% europeans , 20% percent asians and 10% percent mixed races)....

the education system is second to none....pretty tough ...but very cheap...(60 000 baht a year wouldnt be far below par) ....the lifestyle is also fantastic......gorgeous beaches...great pubs and clubs....good and cheap housing....cheap and excellent booze and food...great party culture as you will find south africans dont but a heavy emphasis on working too hard ....as well as extremely friendly people ...

almost everyone you will meet will likely speak english at a very high level...and certainly use it in their daily lives very stongly....

South African universities are already made up of substantial asian foreign students, and rapidly increasing as word gets out there.....

so if you can afford it...sure go over to europe and pay out your bum for cold weather .....

but if you cant ....there is anouther viable option which i can assure you ....is probably a hell of a lot more fun too...

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