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Mac OS X and Thai Localization

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Anyone using an OS X set up localized to Thai? I mean, when you buy a Mac in Thailand, does the system default to Thai menus, alert messages, dialog windows, etc? Or is English the default system and there is only a Thai script input method available from the flag menu at the top right? This would mean I could open a document and write in Thai script but the File menu itself would still appear as "File"? Or is it in Thai? Thanks. Jo

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The system is default in English.

OS X does Thai perfectly (in just about every program except Appleworks and the old OfficeX).

Just go to System Prefs/International/Input Menu and check the box for the Thai keyboard, plus the box for "show input menu in finder." Then select Thai in the "flag" menu at the top right of the Finder. Then Type.

To see which key does what, activate Keyboard Viewer (check its box in Input Menu and select in the "flag" menu, just like a keyboard).

Just notice that if you put "Thai" on the top in International > Language you could have some problems installing some programs such as Photoshop and other Adobe programs. Just keep the English on top and Thai in second place

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