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When is the best time for sex?


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Sex is important in any relationship. To avoid headache and heartache afterwards, take the steps to know if it's the right time.


1. Think about sex with your partner. Be clear on your position in the relationship before doing anything.

2. Talk about sex with your partner. Find out what your partner thinks and honestly state your position. If this seems uncomfortable, then sex will too.

3. Think about how much you really know your partner. Sex is all about trust and intimacy; make sure you have that with each other beforehand.

4. Ask yourself if you are passionate about your partner. If sex is just something to do, you might be making a mistake.

5. See each other more than once a week.

6. Date for a while. Be comfortable with one another.

7. Ask yourself if you enjoy making contact with the other person. Little things like hugs and kisses are good indicators that sex is an appropriate step.

8. Be prepared for safe sex. Take the necessary precautions so that sex can be enjoyable, both during and afterwards.

9. Have fun. Try not to anticipate the best sex of your life. Relax and go through the steps in determining if the right time to have sex is now.


Sex is a serious step in any relationship and may result in pregnancy.

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