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Help with Kittens in Samui

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I need to issue a plea for help out to all pet lovers here. About 5 weeks ago we had a pregnant female cat wander into our offices, and she was obviously looking for a warm friendly place to have her litter. We put food out for her, and water and milk and shortly thereafter she had her kittens - 4 little tykes now 4 weeks old. About a week ago in one of the properties that we manage, another mother cat with a new litter was bitten by a dog, and this cat subsequently died. She had 3 kittens who at the time were only about a week old, so we tried to put them together with our new mum and she cared for them as if they were her own. She fed them her own milk, and the other kittens didn't mind sharing at all. This is were the story takes a turn for the worse. The remaining mother cat just this morning wandered a little too close to the road and was hit by a car. We took her to the vet but she has now died. The second set of kittens have now had there own mother and the surrogate mom die. They are only 2 weeks old. The original fab4 cats are 4 weeks, and are starting to eat solid food so I think that they have homes already and will survive. The 2 week olds need a mother if possible, we have baby formula for cats from the local vet, and perhaps out there somewhere someone knows of a mother cat who could take care of them until they are weaned (maybe another 6 weeks). I will endeavour to help place these poor kittens myself, and I will personally pay for their first round of shots and for food and necessities. Any help would be appreciated. Best regards, J





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We put food out for her, and water and milk and shortly thereafter she had her kittens

er Japh that's not how babies are made!!!

Read my book St Jay's Guide to Les Birds and Les Bees...

I found it a good read, although the "Optional Back Door" chapter was a little salacious for me, but maybe to others it was fine.

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