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TRIPS magazine is really cool.

Since there is always a place to discover or re-discover in "Amazing Thailand", this magazine gives some good piece of advice about features and places to visit.

It's bilingual (Thai / English) and each issue is dealing with a province in particular.

Really nice photos to get carried away, thinking about your next trip...

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We publish two magazines:

Essential Bangkok...a pocket sized guide to Bangkok's entertainment and food venues...and just about everything you could need to know. Available on-line for those with faster connections at:


And The Sukhumvit Eye: Bangkok's latest magazine that is a satirical look at ex-pat life in the Thai capital. Sukhumvit Eye is written by farangs for farangs and Unlike other local magazines we are driven by editorial integrity not advertising so the Sukhumvit Eye is full of articles that take a critical, if not slightly jaundiced view of all that happens around us! There are sections about music, food, nightlife, dance clubs, Bangkok as it was and of course what is happening around town. In addition there are four pages of ex-pat sport. The first edition dishes the dirt on rum goings on in the Bangkok Cricket league.

visit the site to receive a free copy:


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