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Reverse Racism


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I don't mean to disrespect anybody but this topic has taken an political turn, the topic was about racism. And those long articles posted here show just the way Thailand like metioned there Burmese and Laos get the same bad treatment, it is not about their race in this matter. If a guy from Poland for example would be in that group he wouldn't receive a different treatment.

Racism is still very much alive but it does seem to turn more to just discrimination. In Holland for example just about everyone don't give s**t where you are from over there nowadays it's muslim or no muslim. It is not about the race anymore.

Here in Thailand and the countries surrounding you might experience reverse racism because there are still many airheads who think white skin equals more money than other skin so they'll treat you nice coz you never know what you might get,... just like a box of chocolates. If your skin is dark they think you is poor and come to steal some work butwhite people steal that work all the same. While crossing the Laos border a guy from Ghana who stood before me had to flash his money, I didn't THAT might be a slight example of racism right? No matter if the Laos government OR that guy in the office himself wants to see, that just isn't right.

But before I too drift off, YES white people experience racism, maybe them homeboy who laughed it up layin' out whities cannot be discriminated needs to keep it real coz him from the ghetto an' all that and needs to rep his hood or bust a cap up some fool ass. But there r plenty of places white is not appreciated, a lot of that comes from jealousy and just not thinking it through.

Ofcourse we have to be clear about it, the chance to be discriminated when you're just being white is much smaller than when you're an african person or clearly a religious person BUT the reverse racsim chance is MUCH bigger, in Thailand anyway but you know... I am not complaining coz it is much better here than any place I've seen. So who cares if some idiot discriminates you every now and then? The next 10 people won't! Just hop into a taxi and the guy will offer you one of his pieces of fruit WHY? COZ YOU IS WHITE? No, it's just to be friendly, appreciate the short time you spend together coz that's waht it's all about, at least those people understand so forget about frustrated fools who turn to discrimination.

What say you?

I think we should laugh about racism (altough sometimes hat isn't right too ofcourse). Might I suggest everybody to listen to Chris Rock? That guy loves to tell white jokes while he is an African American but it is FUN he is no racist but him telling racist jokes is just downright fun! If everybody just keeps on making jokes which might be very offensive we can call each other ****** and cracker and suicide bomber without having any hard feelings. We'll get there eventually plus if everybody just throws his genes into the mix with other races it will become difficult to discriminate too, peopel will have to go like SHUT UP! you hispanic ***** cracker, go get your silky black asian hair dyed and get your curry cab out of my parking spot... nah that's not gonna happen so the race discrimination will dissapear and will be replaced with something else because in the end... the people who like to discrimante do it either way, they just pick the easiest way which in most cases would be race or religion...

yep, I'm drifting too here, I think it is time to stop tapping my keyboard... yes it is...

Hurray for respectfull people!

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