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Barak's Zionism


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it's about how the people that claim to, and are often chosen to speak for American Jews don't hold representative views.

part of the problem is the undemocratic ways in which leaders of various Jewish organizations are chosen.

"Fault can also be found with lazy editors, reporters, producers and the like who invite neocon and other unrepresentative people to speak for Jews and Jewish values.

Given the scare tactics the neocons routinely employ - from their frequent deployment of the intellectually vacuous term "Islamofascism" to Richard Perle and David Frum's warning that the nation's only choice is "victory or holocaust" - it is a remarkable tribute to the good sense of American Jewry that it remains a bastion of liberal humanism.

These pundits have every right to put forth their views, of course. It's long past time, however, for the mainstream media to recognize just how out of touch they are with the values of the American Jewish mainstream. If not now, when?"[international Herald Tribune]

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