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Yet for over half an hour not a single one of them has written a single bloody word in the forums for the purpose of amusing me. In fact they haven't written a single bloody word in the forums on any topic at all.

What is your problem people?

I'm tired, I've been up half the night finishing updates to a 1st year calculus booklet, and I demand to read something funny.

Otherwise, I threaten to post all the prime numbers less than 1,000,000.


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sorry... at that time (you posted this forum), i was sleeping... having a good dream of course.

anyway, sorry again...i couldn't help!!!!... :wink:

It's been almost 16 hours who sleeps for 16 hours, ohh yeah i forgot.


ha ha!!! 16 hours!!! oh!! for a good gal like me... 8 hours is enough :wink:

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Donnot hessitate to send me you mail address to enable me contact you privately. want to meet you.


I can understand that. There's a deposit of 1000 euro.

Depending on your location there will be travel expenses, to be paid upfront equally.

How would you prefer to pay?

And why are your hands so cold darling?


<<cue music>>

"strangers in the night, exchanging glances,

wondering in the night what were the chances... "

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