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The Whole World is a Joke!!!

Do you like beer?  

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  1. 1. Do you like beer?

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Aren't you from Scotland? :wink:

Yup. That'll be Scotland, that had already been home to some of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in the world for a few centuries while natives of Kentucky were still barbarians, eating with their fingers and shagging family members...


Oh. They still are doing that???

Ok, then, for several centuries before Kentuckians stole the land from the natives...



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most people who settled in Kentucky are of Scottish-Irish descent.

that's the point I was making.

Apparently, they brought a lot of bad habits with them.

We left the sheep at home though. :wink:

The five largest ancestries in the commonwealth are: American (20.9%), German (12.7%), Irish (10.5%), English (9.7%), African American (7.8%).

So leave us out of it!!

Though at least with that German ancestry you are guaranteed a deckchair by the pool!!!


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