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Has anyone here got any experience with distance-based IT training companies (Computeach, Cerco et al) and/or industry certs such as compTIA A+/N+, MCDST, CIW, MCSA/E, CISCO?

I've read some articles lately that claim that the IT industry is in rapid decline while others suggest that it's expanding and even 'recession proof' What do you think? Does anyone here hold any of these certs? Are they of any use, especially without experience?

I'm not really looking for advise, I'm researching but would like peoples opinions and/or anecdotes.

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What I've found is that when faced with budget cuts, companies in America tend to cut back on IT staffing more than other departments since most firms that don't view IT as a value-added resource. i.e. it's a needed expense to keep systems running rather than a revenue source.

That said, I don't see IT departments disappearing anytime soon.

As far as certifications, I don't have any and the only way I would get one is if a company paid me to enroll in a course. Having them never hurts when applying for jobs (and some postings do have certification requirements) but I think employers prefer work experience over coursework.

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