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Anyone in here has serious relationship with ladyboy?


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I think it's more accepted here in Thailand than it is back in the USA (in Bangkok at least).

In Thailand you can't watch a comedy without seeing at least one ladyboy, and most Thais will say that ladyboys are better looking than women.

Not only in Bkk! Also in Isaan, a Ladyboy is a respected member of society! Maybe you won't find many (or any) of them in the villages - nobody is making bad remarks of them and if the topic is up, no negative quotes are heard.

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I met a nice ladyboy on Thai friendly and we went out 4 times and I didn't even get a kiss.She tells me she likes me and that I am nice and attractive but still nothing.I don't want her to be to aggressive but not even a kiss.I am trying one more time and then if nothing maybe we can just be friends,wish me luck.

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On Monday, July 06, 2009 at 9:10 PM, poknarak said:

Sawasdee ka,

Yep I'm ladyboy and just wonder why many guys prefered to have serious relation with us than women.

In my country, it's not quite acceptable. How about your country?

Let share together

Know me more

I think men have more in common with ladyboys simply because they were born male so men like them because they can relate better just my thought

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