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69 ways to please a man

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28) Wake us up with a BJ occasionally

29) when we go out for a drink with our friends, say "Have fun Baby, see you." Don't ask what time we'll be home and who else will be there.

30) Don't ask for our advice and then ignore it

31) Don't tell us about your friends' relationship problems

32) Watch a guy movie without asking stupid questions, "Why did he shoot him, is he a spy? Is that the girl who was in Spiderman?"

33) Clean your teeth before kissing us.

34) Enjoy computer games

35) Try stuff - you may like it... eg playing pool, scuba, anal sex... if you don't like it, you don't need to do it again.

36) Be fair... if you don't swallow for a BJ, why do we have to stay down there for 25 minutes trying to get you off?

37) Don't say, "Oh... are you wearing that shirt?" Of course we're wearing it... that's why we put it on... we LIKE that shirt. If you don't like that shirt, buy us a new shirt that we like even more.

38) Don't talk about ex-boyfriends... at all... even negative stuff. We like to pretend we are the beginning of your world.

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25. Fake your orgasm.

39. Then finish yourself in the bathroom..come out ..lick ur finger ..look at him and say..'yr the best'


damn girl.

just educate yr guy. its not that hard. dont have to fake anything.

42. Stroke his ....... ego

see ?

she knows what I mean

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