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:) It has been a while since I write on my blog in TF. There is something exciting. I have bought keyboard for 8 years. But I have just got a chance to take a keyboard course for about one and a half year. Then I bought a piano last autumn. Now I am happy that I can play 2-3 shorter lullaby.

But there is one thing thatkeep worring and haunting me. While I have been developing my talent in music, I totally neglected my study. You know that I have been studying Education Program for quite some time. I only have to send in one last piece of work and if it is approved then I will graduate. Last year my peers criticized my draft so hard which made me quite upset. Then I just stop working with it.

I am finding several motto to set up in my room. Do you have any suggestions?

:P You are amazing. Keep up your good spirit and work.Kiss Kiss!"

Honey, be organized!

You thrive like a dandelion...


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