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  2. Next month again visit thailand, where is your exact area??
  3. I thought this was a dating site? Or is this a place for just people around the world to meet thai people and or both?
  4. bah_eddie

    Last TFer standing . . .

    I been a member since 2004 i stopped being a regular user back in 2008 still see some of the old messages sent to me dating back 2006 hopefully everyone will stop in once in awhile and post or say hello, I went to several TF parties back in the day met some cool people this site has really changed did they get another new owner? wish everyone well
  5. Some die some go male again and some continue as old ladyboys its a mixture of these. Hormone therapy is bad for health.
  6. Ha. You’ve still got competition still in the game 🙂
  7. Rob

    Last TFer standing . . .

    Hello! Helloooooooooo . . . . . ! Anybody in here? ***knock, knock, knock*** HA! Looks like I finally have this website all to myself. And it only took ten years for that to happen! Well, ten years after it started getting quieter here... Since I have the floor, and not that it actually matters, I'm the original Rob here, not Admin Rob. Although my current profile was created in 2009, I joined as _Rob in early 2005. But who cares? There's nobody around to read this anyway! And since there's no one to read this, I can gloat about outlasting some of the old-time trolls who didn't like "older" people on the site, at least one of whom publicly wished me dead. Yep, I'm even older now, ancient, in fact---but still here, white hair and all. But, like I said before, not that it matters. It's like a tree falling in an empty forest. Or a gnat floating on his back down the river while pleasuring himself, yelling, "Raise the bridge, raise the bridge!" Seriously, though . . . there's gotta be at least one wind-up artist out there who checks this site occasionally for signs of life. If so, feel free to leave a nasty comment; it'll make me feel right at home again. I could do a shout-out or two, but I don't want to run the risk of stirring any ghosts. Wow! Having all this cyberspace to myself feels great, so relaxing . . . Almost like taking a nap . . . . hey, I told y'all I'm old anyway! Oh, but nobody was listening . . . Well, time for me to head out of here and re-enter the real world. But I'll be checking in often . . . it's like a little time capsule here, conjuring up only a few knitted eyebrows, but many more happy memories!
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