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  3. PLS send sms to me e -mail : [email protected] line id : mymew555
  4. hello i want to learn English i can go to travel in Bangkok whit you
  5. my ID line : mymew555
  6. line :mymew555

  7. hello

    How are you today?

  8. Anytime is good time for sex ..
  9. Hello there I'm from Tanzania, I hope we can be friends, here is my My WhatsApp Number +255685042084

    1. Mymew Mew

      Mymew Mew

      i have program LINE

      id line : mymew555

  10. Hi Mynew Mew, I'm fine! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this site. How is everything with you? I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well!
  11. [email protected]
  12. Hello How are you today?
  13. hi How are you today?
  14. The baht trades about 35 (and some change) to the dollar so 200 baht would be about $5.71.
  15. hi sweet
  16. Hi
  17. I am looking for someone who can teach me thai language. I'm natively speak english.
  18. Nice to meet you. I can teach you Thai..anything you wanna know..^^
  19. Hello new friend! How are you? Happy New Year!
  20. I hope 2017 is a great year for you and your loved ones!
  21. The only thing that does not seem activated here is your intelligence :-)
  22. My name is Smita, I am looking for a friendship and something nice ..
  23. I'm a new member here..I'd like to make foreign friends in order to keep using English, as of having not so many chance to speak English in my everyday life. Here is quite comfortable space and normal (I hope) to find new friends, but seems the last update was long time ago. It is still working, isn't it? Looking forward to hear from you guys soon
  24. Who are you 😊😆
  25. Hello, I was born in Sakonnakon but i am working at Bangkok, How i meet you?
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