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  2. OK I'll give it a shot. Don't be surprised if you find yourself buying a Fortuner shortly... (Do you mind if I call you Shortly?)
  3. So, the question on everyone's lips (if everyone is still around), did you make anything out of purchasing TF, or (seeing as you're still supporting it), is it a labour of love? (Please ignore the lady.) (Edit: typo)
  4. PiAnt


    Use a picture editing program to resize (as Admin says), or degrade the quality until the saved image is of the permitted size. No Indian willy pics.
  5. You may all remember when Thailand legalized marijuana back in 2018. But, unlike back home, that did not usher in a wave of marijuana dispensaries on every corner. In fact, you might even wonder if marijuana is even legal based on the complete lack of prominent advertising. But it is legal and people are receiving medical marijuana in Thailand. It's just being done under the radar. Thailand specifically wanted to avoid what they saw happening in other countries where medical marijuana was legalized. Shady doctors doing a two-minute physical exam and signing off on a medi
  6. Love that song "Wasted New Yorker."
  7. It's been a while, but hello everyone! I wanted to recommend a site for BKK Family Activities. It also helps with international school searches in Bangkok, Thailand hospitals, etc. www.bkkfamilies.com Let me know your thoughts!
  8. I had AIS Fibre at my house in Buriram. Great, consistent speed at all hours and relatively good service when inevitable issues occurred - storms and what have you - but I'm currently in Rayong, away from home (having cancelled my AIS contract in the meantime), and we have 3BB at the temporary residence. The upload and download speeds advertised were faster than the AIS Fibre but, in reality, the bandwidth is shared among the houses in the vicinity, and rarely reaches anywhere close to what was advertised, regularly "buffering" even on youtube. If you're looking at options, and
  9. How many families are we talking about? Do you require "arse out" facilities? Who is A. Bunch? There are important question Wei - we're here to help.
  10. Could you expand on how exactly the perp obtained a new sim using false credentials? For my own personal safety, of course.
  11. Good question from a bloke I have never met, and I have to say yes. Good spot.
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