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  2. funky_house

    Last TFer standing . . .

    First signed up in 2007. TF just popped into my mind and I thought I would check in and see what is happening (Not much by the look of things). Luckily I remembered my password. 😀 Happy Songkran!
  3. Hi all, I am new here and not sure if this platform still active. As the last post showed 2021 / 2022 ??
  4. G_hibernate

    Last TFer standing . . .

    Hi Rob Im Getty also known as “Happygetty” ive been a member here since 2004. missed those time before Facebook even exist! I’ve got many friends from here and still in touch with them on FB. good memories, bad memories they all made memories to me that I won’t forget. thank you admin for creating this site, even though now it’s mostly just forum, it’s still here for us to look back and see how we were decade ago. best wishes Getty (happygetty) (g_hibernate)
  5. TSMARIAN099

    Last TFer standing . . .

    Same here this site has totally changed a lot. Been a member since 2006
  6. pest control services - Thanks for sharing.
  7. So, if you love it, please give it to me. Seriously.
  8. Dude, you realise that post was, like, 6 years ago. She didn't reply to the first guy; she also misspelled "dire", hugely.
  9. Thinking of nipping up the road getting a couple more beers to numb the passage of time...
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