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Thai law query, please Help!!!




My friend wants to return to Thailand this summer for a holiday but he's paranoid he'll get arrested at the airport.The last time he was here he received a two year suspended sentence for possesion of cannabis. That was a year ago. After he left court he got the plane home. Now he would love to return for the summer, but he doesn't know what to do!Is he being paranoid?Please help!!!



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My friend wants to return to Thailand this summer for a holiday but he's paranoid he'll get arrested at the airport.The last time he was here he received a two year suspended sentence for possesion of cannabis. That was a year ago. After he left court he got the plane home. Now he would love to return for the summer, but he doesn't know what to do!Is he being paranoid?Please help!!!

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Oh it really hard to Explain about Private International Law

Because It's up to Immigration --to give permission.

and it hard to ask Why it happen like this ?? because sometime Private International law protect some act of authority.

the good way----->> find lawyer for advice

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Well the drugs were a bad idea to start with, but that is now a done deal, and he was lucky not to end up in the Bangkok Hilton.

I think it may ba a good idea to simply avoid the place...for quite a while...

I'm sorry to put it this way, but anyone stupid enough to get involved in drugs in a country where the penalty is DEATH really is not playing with the full set of marbles...illustrated even more clealy by his wish to return after a year...


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Thank you all for your advice, it was 2 grammes by the way which they certainly don't sentence death- that is malaysia. Thailand is trying to follow america in terms of drug laws so in terms of a small amount of cannabis jail is not an option.

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Well, I think you Oh that's right it was your Friend? Should apply for a Visa and see if it's flagged? I have seen some good comments here and If I was your friend I would not come back here!

And if you really like Thailand I'd change the small comment on your profile too? Maybe just re-word it?

Good luck!

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Paranoia is generally due to ignorance of something (or being drug f**ked) so New laws advice is the best - see a lawyer! Don't rely on speculation on this site.

But a general condition of entry under the Thai Immigration Act is not to have a criminal conviction (anywhere) punishable by imprisionment (which doesn't mean that you served a term of imprisionment) save at all for offences related to misfeasance.

You don't give much detail so it is hard to know if his visa was cancelled and he was deported which would be more of a concern in terms of records held by immigration. I would suggest the best thing, apart from seeing a lawyer, is to wait until the two years are over as it may be possible that even an infringment for a minor offence here again within the suspended period could result in graver consequence. Why run the risk?

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He was dumb playing around with drugs in Thailand in the first place......very dumb!!! He's lucky to have walked away with only a suspended sentence. As far as returning to Thailand, he may be wasting his time and money as he may have already been "black listed" and considered an undesireable individual at which point they would turn him around and stick his ass on the the next plane home.

I hope your friend has learned a valuable lesson from his experience, because had he pissed off the wrong person, that 2 grams of weed may have turned into a half kilo.......get what I'm saying!!!!

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On a similar note, the DJ Grooverider apparently just got four years in Dubai, because on his way into the country to play a gig, he was stopped by Customs who allegedly found a "tiny" piece of weed in his record bag.

Another guy was held in prison for a month because he had Melatonin, an over the counter drug in the USA, used to help overcome jetlag.

They too have a zero tolerance policy.

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the whole point of visiting any country in the world is to have respect for their laws, customs and culture. If he is into his weed, keep it at home not somewhere so opposed to it!! and i agree with the comment earlier about your profile - "i am looking for some sexy thai ass." Its that sort of attitude that steretypes Thailand as a sex destination when that part of it is such a small percentage of what Thailand is really about. If anyhting the UK has a far worse sex industry but we dont get stereotyped as a sex destination. Sorry to say this but probably better that you and your friend find somewhere else to go on holiday.

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No, thats not what I mean - usually the sex industry, anywhere, is about exploitation. If you think that means the UK sex industry is good, come and talk to the girls shipped in from eastern europe, raped and then he;d prisoner and made to have sex with 15-20 guys a day.

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No problem , your friend will be fine .

Suspended sentence means that in the 2 year period ; if he re-offends then the courts will punish him for the original crime plus the new one . Basically your friend is on probation for another year till the suspended sentence ends .

Finally , yes your friend is paranoid , but most dope smokers are !!!

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I understand your wish to protect your friend when it comes to things like my comment; please understand that I too have friends who I know have used drugs. Some of them live in Thailand, and I am the first to say that I think, no matter who is involved, that taking drugs anywhere (even places where it is legal) is a fools game because of the damage it causes.

Never try to expect to be treated in a uniform or even fair-handed way in the courts or legal/police processes....this is not the UK or USA...and much of what happens relies on how the person involved feels toward the accused person...despite what you might hear or be told about what the courts are trying to do..."trying" being the operative word. Jail for drug offences is ALWAYS an option here...they don't HAVE to put the accused through the court process immediately of course...just when it becomes necessary...or everyone complains about the delay...

...don't take anything for granted in Thailand...

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Agree with P Jack....Thailand attracts some of the worst characters from the around the world.....so unless he intends to carry drugs into Thailand, I doubt he would have a problem there.....just my opinion though

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All these comments, and not one piece of useful advice...!

Do these people even know what a suspended sentence is?

I don't think so.

A 2 year suspended sentence for 2 g of weed...!!!!!

Did he have a lawyer or what???

The going rate for a small weed bust is only 10,000 baht, sometimes much less.

I know several people here who have been caught.

Should have never gone to court.

As for coming back, tell him not to worry.

It was a suspended sentence.

It doesnt mean he has to stay in Thailand for 2 years.

It only means that if he is caught again in the 2 year period, he would be jailed.

He has nothing to worry about.

Applying for a Thai visa in his home country before he arrives should be a good indicator if he is worried about it. They will refuse the visa if there is any problem.

If he does get any problems at the airport (which he shouldnt), just tell him to get on a flight to Laos or Cambodia.

He can smoke himself stupid in both of those countries, without having to worry about the law.

If he gets here quickly, he may even be in time for the new goverments crack down on drugs....!

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