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Farmers Seek Sympathy From Tourists





A group of farmers from Thailand’s western region yesterday took their plight to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, carrying donation boxes, and posters expressing their hardship to inbound tourists after the caretaker government did not pay for their rice.

The donation box reads “Absorbing Farmers’ Tears”.


Farmers waited for foreign tourists emerging out the airport’s departure lounge and gave them token made from rice straws tied with flag color ribbon as a gesture of welcoming.


Some tourists also dropped donation in the boxes and some also greeted them with sympathy.


Their leader Thongchai Kanchananukul from Kanchanaburi province said their arrival to the airport was to show foreign visitors how farmers have suffered from the caretaker government’s rice-pledging scheme and unpaid payment for their rice for up to six months now.


Farmers were treated nicely by airport staff and police with understanding and did not try to stop them from annoying visitors.

They all returned in several pickup cars after a half an hour campaign



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Not even sure what to say about this one.  On one hand, good for them for trying to do something for themselves.  On the other hand, tourists didn't create this problem and how sad is it that Thai farmers have to go panhandle at the airport because their government and their own fellow citizens won't take care of them? 

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