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Foreigner Nearly Stabbed to Death Stopping Man From Beating His Wife


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It’s been debated countless times before on forums and blog posts about Thailand but this recent story of a foreigner being attacked for attempting to stop someone from beating up their wife will surely open up the question yet again of whether or not foreigners should just look the other way when they see Thai on Thai violence.  

According to police reports, Belgian dive instructor, Peter Venden Abili, saw Sarawut Nardma beating up his wife near The Castaway resort on Koh Lipe.  Police say that Sarawut then went home and grabbed a knife and returned stabbing Mr. Abili twice before fleeing.  Sarawut’s brother is also being charged but he claims that he was attempting to stop his brother.  

Of course, an incident like this could have happened anywhere in the world.  It’s not uncommon for domestic disputes to turn violent.  In fact, police called to the scene often become the target when responding to such incidents.  

However, there’s a feeling amongst many expats that on top of an already volatile mix of emotions, there’s a sense of “who is this foreigner getting into my business” that adds fuel to the fire.  

Others feel that they can’t simply turn a blind eye and feel obligated to intervene.  Call it chivalry or whatever it may be, many expats say they cannot leave their morals at home even when in Thailand. 

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