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Pop Quiz: Mayoral Edition


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You’re the 51 year old mayor of a northeastern town in Thailand and a reporter from a local newspaper reporter writes a story about a ceremony you held to celebrate your engagement to a teenager.  

Do you:

a)  Apologize to your constituents for making a morally questionable decision.  

B)  Hope the story goes unnoticed and keep your head down until any backlash blows over

c)  Summon all reporters to your office and lecture them on respecting your privacy and then have your staff strip down naked the reporter who covered the story and humiliate him so he knows how you feel.

If you answered anything other than C, you obviously do not have what it takes to be in politics.  

According to Khao Sod, mayor Premsak Piayura was so angry at having his engagement to a teenage girl made public (even though he held a private ceremony) that he reprimanded all local reporters and then asked the reporter who had actually published the story to stay behind where he was stripped naked by the mayor's staff and asked, "Are you embarrassed when someone violates your privacy like this?"

Full story here.  

EDIT:  Later versions of the story seem to indicate the reporter was only stripped to his underwear and not fully naked.  

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So, just when you think, "Wow, only in Thailand, eh?" the story gets even more weird.  Seems the mayor has filed a complaint against the five reporters he allegedly summoned to his office and reprimanded (including the reporter who claims he was stripped to his underwear by the mayor's staff) for barging into his office and asking him questions about his recent engagement to a teenage schoolgirl.  He claims this prevented him from doing his work and said he only filed the complaint so as to have a record, and that he does not want the police to prosecute the reporters.  


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