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secret with girl is charm of man 'there is one words say hidden

make the love have enhance the flavor

..hehehe 'coz i do too..i want to be charm

...i think you want to be with me too my lovely friend..

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you want to find out .......... if he is your bf then right after you have had sex with him ......i mean like seconds after he finished.........ask him then .........a quote i heard in a movie once ....... the only true moments in a mans life are the few seconds after he has climaxed..... odds are its going to be alot harder for him to bullshit you at that time because his head will be a little preoccupied so to speak

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Guest Minge_features


Why are women always suspicious of men? Surely no guy in Bkk from the west could be a bad guy?

Farang means white man right? What a lovely term. I hear the term is only used with contempt. Once you get to know a Thai person well they will refer to you by your name or gender.

I need to learn quickly.

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