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bkk daily street picture 54



 One soi in Khlong toey
not really polite to take picture from people showering, but could not resist :)
this is also daily life 



© SK 2009


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Nice picture, but come on man, have some dignity, its a really intrusive and degrading photo.... your art for someone elses feelings..... theres no contest.

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You should be careful as well taking photos down there, its the epicenter for the drugs trade in Bangkok as well as illegal gun trade, I've seen more shooting and killings there than anywhere else in Thailand..... taking a photo there can get you shot but taking a photo of a guy in the shower can get you shot quicker.

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Beej thx for your comment and advice. I dont think this picture is degrading this guy is not nake. and we taked with him after the shot we had fun time talking, and he found the pics funny on the camera. i didn't stole this pic, he saw me during i was shooting and smile after.

I know this place is not a nursery and i always care where and who i shot. i have seen so far much pictures degrading from thailand in many website. i think all my picture from Thailand and BKK are respectful, and i always care about this.

Funny that Thai found this pics funny just farang found this degrading.

sorry if you not like it maybe next would be more decent for you.

Beej i dont know you, but i was wondering, are you the one who were disturbed with my flash during Marc Party ?

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Yep that was me, I'm not keen on having my photo take, and even more put off when it appears on websites/facebooks/forums without my knowledge.

I used to be a full time photo journalist for quite a while, then something in me one day clicked when I realized my enjoyment/money came from taking photos of mainly people, people in pain, people in funny situations, and people in situations.

The over whelming guilt that struck me that day put me off taking gritty portraiture for life. Sorry to preach to you, but remember above all things, peoples feelings come way before your pretty photo, once you've pressed the shutter you've betrayed them, even if you've deleted it or talked to them after about it.

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