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Scammer? ? what do you think??



  • 275080_100001113631280_3589738_q.jpgYesterday
    Jimmy Lim
    • Hi, do you offer a one day or two day Thai Traditional dance lesson? We're a Hong Kong movie company, a movie star is coming over to Thailand on 20th Oct to 28th, do you think it's possible?

    [*]188164_176992596533_1824183111_q.jpgabout an hour ago

    Thai Dancing in Bangkok

    • Sorry I am not yet clear about your question. Did you mean to take class? or do you want a group of the dancer to be a part of your movie?

    [*]275080_100001113631280_3589738_q.jpgabout an hour ago

    Jimmy Lim

    • Thanks for yr reply. I'm planning if you can teach the movie star traditional thai dancing for just 3 to 4 hours, and you all will be in front of the camera & will be in part of the movie. Of course we'll pay for everything. We're planning on 25th Oct in the morning time.

    [*]188164_176992596533_1824183111_q.jpg48 minutes ago

    Thai Dancing in Bangkok

    • may I ask that what kind of movie? as you are going to make a movie about Thai ... and also the location that you plan to come

    [*]188164_176992596533_1824183111_q.jpg6 minutes ago

    Thai Dancing in Bangkok

    • by the way , i can teach Thai Dance to your movie star but i need more information about your company and also your movie. Thanks


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As you requested, you need more background information about company and people, possibly website and social media profiles. Payment in advance would be a plus too.

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thanks Andy_bkk. I just sent him message this morning to ask him about the name of his company , website and also the title of the movie. I got pics from him too but I don't know how to upload here .. o_O

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