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If you want to sleep ...

Eat Banana and milk before you sleep..that u can sleep and sleep well...

Trust me ka khun lung...

Stu_thailand -- Ps.1...I write wrong word hehehe I'm shy now..

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Bragemann: Maybe I need that!

MikeAussieGuy: Good idea!

BJ: Singha's enough, once the thunder dies down!

freetheworld: Hmmmmm...lots of suggestions there!

pigky: The counting thing doesn't work!

parela: That would REALLY wake me up!

ghee: As a sleep remedy? I don't think so!

Wallace: Wish I could join!

Stu_thailand: See, you made Eve shy!

love_forEVEr: Damn! I thought that eating mink would work!

ni2508: Every night!

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