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True or False: Ghosts

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I try to convince myself that I do not believe in ghost,

but i still have the fear when i am alone in the darkness,

the reason is because when i was a child,

my mother lied to me all the time that if i do something stupid

the ghost will come and do something bad to me -*-

Everybody feels insecure alone in the dark, because he is deprived of the main sense human being has - the seeing. So hearing things without knowing what it is, being disoriented in a way and so on significantly contribute to this bad feeling. I am also not at ease when I am alone in a dark wood, but I have no problems being at home without lights - because there, i know where is what and what the noises that I might hear are.

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Ghosts are for real, and I've had my experience already. I probably have mentioned this story before on TF.

Not sure if this experience was a dream in a dream but this is what I remember.

While recently divorced (1st wife), I was renting in an inner city suburb of Melbourne. Fell asleep on the couch after some drinks and some ganjha. Had this feeling of a person/spirit wanting to lie next to me and cuddle up.

I was absolutely frozen with fear, couldn't move until I finally had enough of feeling scared, and cried "get out" as I spun around toward the spirit.

The spirit was in a spoon position (no penetration) behind me as I was sleeping/lying on my side.

I think sound came out of my mouth when I said "get out" and I guess I woke up only to find myself sleeping in my bed NOT the couch. Don't know how I got to the bed from the couch, did I have the experience on the couch ? OR on the bed ?

I've had many drinks and ganjha before, but this occasion maybe I was feeling vulnerable, I told my story to a female friend who also says she's a witch and she helped me explain the situation.

Apparently according to her, I was almost raped Succubus although it felt like a male (Incubus?) next to me.

The next morning I got a phone call asking for a father .... can't remember the name, but apparently he 's a priest who had the same number, so I guess he was also living there before I moved in. All this really freaked me out that I quickly got myself a new place to move into but had to put up with 2 more weeks.

I blocked off every vent of the house, for some reason I had this feeling that the spirit was coming in from one of the vents. After 2 weeks I got the **** out of there, I wasn't so much scared anymore as I felt the worse was over, but was feeling angry and annoyed.

Nowadays I don't feel scared of any spirits or ghosts, I think If I feel their presence again, I'll just say "**** OFF" !!!

So the bold text is indicating the reason why you felt the "ghosts". It's all an individual perception, no objective proof. And there is the fact of the "dream insid the dream" where you wake up, think the dream you had is gone and now you are in reality, just to find out (or not) that you have to wake up one more time to be in "real reality".

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