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Businessmen picks up lucky licence plate for 11 million baht at auction

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A licence plate deemed the most auspicious has been sold to Passakorn Sakonsattayathorn, a member of the Sukhothai Hotel family, for a record 11 million baht at an auction.

Mr Passakorn yesterday submitted the winning bid for the "Yor Ying Yor Ying 9999" plate.

Land Department deputy director-general Asdsathai Rattanadilok Na Phuket said: "The car licence plate 'Yor Ying Yor Ying 9999' was auctioned off to the highest bid in history, costing more than the price of a car."

Mr Asdsathai said his department organised auctions for auspicious licence plates every year. He added that as this year's event fell near Valentine's Day on Tuesday, and as "Yor Ying" means "woman" in Thai, it would make a great gift to impress a lady.

The department yesterday sold 117 desirable plates for a combined total of 109 million baht and it expected to sell a further 40 million baht worth today, the last day of bidding.

Actress-singer Marsha Wattanapanich successfully bid 1.3 million baht for licence plate number "222" yesterday, the source said.


Crazy drivers :-)

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And back at the orphanage...

Just curious how Thais rank in terms of charitable donations. I know the US is always up there. Both at the government level and at the private level, a lot of money goes into charitable calls.

And obviously Thailand doesn't have the disposable income of many other countries but I do know that whether it's Haiti or Japan, Thai people seem to be very much into sending small amounts (20 - 100 baht).

But more curious about the uber-wealthy of Thailand. You don't read a lot of stories in the English language Thai press about someone donating 30,000,000 baht for a new school or hospital wing. Is it something that doesn't make it into the English press or is there just very little money donated for purely charitable reasons?

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