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Special True Pricing on iPhones

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True Move have just made a bold, if not shocking announcement that they are cutting the prices of their iPhones starting from an amazing 50%. There are of course strings attached, but if you are in for the long term and don't mind paying up front for your data package, then this special offer could be very attractive.

The new prices are as follows:

iPhone 4 (8GB) 9,250 Baht

iPhone 4S (16GB) 13,500 Baht

iPhone 4S (32 GB) 17,200 Baht

iPhone 4S (64GB) 21,200 Baht

Here are the strings which come attached:

The offer is from 21 February until 12 April 2012

You must apply for the XL data package for 18 months

You must pay for 7 months upfront

You must be a customer of True Online or True Visions for more than 12 months

The XL Package is 899 Baht per month which gives you 500 minutes of talk time, 300 free text messages, 50 MMS messages and unlimited 3G+ and WiFi.

More info on Richard Barrow's site

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Lucky that 20, 900 Baht I spent is not really my money!! But few weeks ago we went to True Shop in Paragon we were told that I need to make reservation for 4S and should wait at least 3 weeks for delivery. It cost aroung 22-23k if Im not mistaken.

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