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Thailand's fascination with Hitler/Nazis

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There have been more than a handful of Hitler/Nazi related incidents in Thailand over the years. Two that spring to mind are the children dressing up like SS soldiers in Chaing Mai and the Hitler sign on the road leading into Pattaya. Here are some more Hitler/Nazi photos taken in Thailand.







It's not just Thailand though. I've heard similar things from people living in Korea and other parts of Asia. Just seems weird as most of the people who think it's "cute" or "fashionable" have no idea who Hitler was, what he did, or what the Nazi party was all about.

Is a angry looking guy with a bad mustache really that appealing?

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I don't know for what reason Adolf is so appealing to South/Southeast Asia. About two or three years ago, a guy in India opened a cafe called "Hitler" and was stunned once he had to face severe international protests. After all, he renamed his cafe but kept saying that he never "thought bad of this name". Well, obviously forgot to think about what this guy did to people like him (i.e. non-arians)...

On the other hand, you can buy "Hitler"-wine, "Mussolini"-wine and wine named after other high Nazi figures in Italy - or at least could. I don't know if they stopped this but when it came up, it was quite popular....

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