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Public affection and private romantic / sexual relations


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I'm an American man and I'll soon fly to Bangkok, where my fiancée will pick me up. She and I will live together until death. I've been reading about public affection in Thailand vs the USA - I know now that public display of affection is considered very inappropriate, no biggie for me, I can live with that. I also read that, traditionally, lovers don't kiss in private, they smell each other's cheeks, tho since there's more of a western influence in Thailand insofar as kissing is concerned, many or, maybe most, men and women are fine with kissing these days (my fiancée, 58 years old [I'm 64] sends me "virtual" kisses daily}. Here's where it gets private. Do modern Thai women like to "play tonsil hockey" (deep "French" kissing) ? In past relationships, I really enjoyed giving my partners oral sex to bring her to at least one orgasm - better yet, multiple orgasms. It doesn't matter to me if my soon to be wife doesn't want to go down on me, I'll have a massive orgasm when we get to intercourse - ideally, she and I having simultaneous orgasms together (the "grand finale"). Can I please get some opinions from those of you who have this experience, who knows what'll fly and what won't ?

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Thai women aren't a thing.  There are 35 million women in Thailand and 35 million attitudes.  There are many different cultures within Thailand.  People from Chiang Mai are different from people from Buri Ram.  People from Bangkok are going to have culturally unique beliefs that are different from Thais from Hat Yai.  I see young Thais engaging in PDAs all over Bangkok.  I'm sure that would be different from Muslim Thais in the south.  

Is there one kind of American woman?  Can you tell me whether American women enjoy public displays of affection?  Is that the same for a Manhattan hipster chick and a Mormon living in Utah?  

Your question(s) seem so overly naive that you might want to quit thinking with your dick a little bit and take a step back in terms of what you're getting yourself into.  Maybe your first step would be to ask your fiancee.  If you don't feel comfortable enough to have a conversation about how she feels about kissing in private, I'm not entirely sure you're ready to be engaged.  



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