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oh!! sorry... for Thai political mess situation, there are many groups of interest; yellow, red and blue... each color represents each purpose.

i wont go for details... but if you can take "red/blue shirt and cops" throwing water to each other... that would be the great moment of Thai history...

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Hahaha ok i got it

before it was more simple red or yellow hmm now have blue what next color ;o)

it would be better if all were white

not sure i could take a pics from red splash water on blue ;o) they not realy seem want play water

haaaaaa this is again a sad situation, hope will be better soon

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: )

haha!! if they dont seems to play water to each other...but once you get the pix... wow...brillian, right?

YES, i hope so... anyway, hope u have triple A days too.. na ja

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