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    What do you do on your BED?

    Usually when Grezzzy and I are not in the same apartment (ie. I am in HKG or elsewhere and she is at home) I get to lie on the bed and sleep...perchance to dream... BUT... If the lady of the house is in I usually get a lot of practice trying NOT to fall OUT of the bed! Why is it that a double, queen or king size bed is not wide enough for a petite Thai girl who weighs in at about 42Kg dripping wet? I end up with a strip of bed on which I balance, that is JUST wide enough as long as I sleep dead straight and on my SIDE! ...but thats while sleeping... We also have all our "kids" on the bed...the stuffed toys that keep Grezzzy company while I am away...not to metion the occassional pile of unironed washing...
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