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    Hello, everybody. My name is Nattaporn. I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I'm looking for the person who want to learn Thai. I can teach you but you should teach me English too.
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    Hi everyone. I'm newbie here wanna know people and make new friends. I try to lean how to use this side. Nice to meet you guys!!
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    I'm 18 and my husband is 69. Believe me, I'm not with him.
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    Love your post Bill. Too bad I haven't got reputation points enough to give you. and I totally agree with Johnno. As long as PeeThai keep our mouth shut every time we see something wrong, that means the wrong will continue. Pity! There was a Thai saying "ชั่วชังชี ดีชั่งพระ" (never mind an immoral nun, never mind a good monk). Basically "Thai" teach "Thai" not to give a **** to whatever other people do. I really want to know who the hack started this saying because it's totally wrong. See what happening in Thailand....shame!! After this article of Voranai, he's got himself another Thai fan.
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    I hope 2017 is a great year for you and your loved ones!
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    looking for friendship and love. LINE ID charliechew i am charlie from singapore ^.^ i love thailand
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    And another one...http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/933051-dsd-to-promote-thailand-as-hub-of-elderly-aged-care/ The government really need someone to put a cap on all these hubs. They could sell it as a new initiative called the "Hub cap"
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    My name is Benz. I'm Thai. I'm good taking care, I want to know the foreign in Chiangmai to make friends. For exchange some culture or knowing each other. I can speak English little bit but type quite good. I hope that will have anyone interest for join me. My line ID is 522110016 or facebook.
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    Hi, I'm just curious to know what was your inspiration to learn Thai ?
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    Using this app in bkk is as useful as using a geiger counter in a reactor pool in a nuclear power plant.
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    In my novel Thai Lies, exploring Thailand back in 1974 with my college classmate Mike, I didn’t get much of a chance to elaborate on his travel exploits into Bangkok’s night life. I had a Thai girlfriend so the only taste I got of its charms was from the stories he told. And he told a lot of them. Never mind that he was cast in a Thai movie – my girlfriend’s mom financed it – his off-screen antics were the real show. The trouble is, there is only one that, in good taste, I dare share… Back then foreigners were a rare commodity, especially English speaking ones that Thais could relate to with the odd remembered word from some forgotten GI. They’d follow you around, wanting to paw at your clothes or your high top sneakers. Kids followed you around like you were the Pied Piper. Strangers tugged at you on the streets to sit and eat with them. In a coffee shop, everyone stared. Add to that, Mike’s unprecedented status, and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine how he was eating it all up. Then there was that morning he woke up on some deserted beach, miles from the set. He didn’t remember how he got there. His pockets were empty. It was only because he had his actor’s pass around his neck written in Thai that a motorcycle jockey offered to waive his usual fare and give him a ride. Ragged with his hair tousled, he still got a round of applause when he finally showed up on the set. To the Thais, he was definitely a curiosity. His pantomime explanations alone would have rated him five star reviews. But now, for the first time, he was stuck. Payday wasn’t for another week, and he was broke. Not wanting to let on to anyone what had happened, he made excuses about being tired and wanting to get to bed early. Then the walls started to close in. The TV might as well have been static. Were all the channels in Thai? Did Thais do anything but cry for five minutes on these soap operas? And these lizards running across the ceiling, do they bite? And that damn music playing outside, who can sleep through such a racket? Finally, he gave up and went to walk around downstairs. Any place had to be better than this. Sitting just outside the hotel, he got an offer from a taxi driver that was too good to pass up. There were a lot of jewelry stores in town, offering commissions for brought in potential customers. Since Mike was already an actor maybe this would be right up his alley. He didn’t have to buy anything; just look around and act interested. Needless to say, that was what he did for the rest of the week. Every alley shop was another bottle of beer. Every avenue store was a glass of wine. By the end of the night, a midnight snack was the taxi driver’s treat. Come payday, with just one stop on the way, the ride was free. Well, he did do a few more really outrageous things in Thai Lies…
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    No need for you to be his guide because I am his real, personal and permanent guide for him:D
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    Turkey wish is to be part of the EU the EU's wish is that Greece would disappear plus they are not so sure about Turkey (are they stable? are they European? are they civilized? --you pick ! :twisted: ) Now going back centuries Turkey has always wanted Greece...and they have been sucessful several times conquering it ... here is the perfect peaceful solution ---> Turkey should BUY Greece (up-front cost has to be a bargin) there by gaining heroic stature on THE Continent and maybe saving the world !!!!!!! what do you Turkish members and Civilized EUROS think (I want a second career as a diplomat)
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    i am in krabi now!!!seems i have to travel a lot to see what i like most!!! also thailand isnt so cheap any more!!!still much much cheaper than europe!!
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    She must be so proud cuz her dada loves her that much. If I were her, here is the plan...get a man and pretend to love him. Take 65millions from dada, the guy get 5mil and I enjoy the rest.... Just to teach dada to mind his own business.
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    how cultural diversity relevant for transforming organizations into innovative places? what do you think about this idea? is it really relevant?
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    If you meet a girl and there's a 70's bass line in the background, she's DTF.
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    To be a plumber you need a moustache and a 9 inch penis...
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    Well Im 29 and my husband 59, believe me Im not with him for his money, because he dont have any...but I love him for what he is, a kind gentle, loving man.
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    Olympos ,very sorry to hear about your story but as Japamerican said 'som nam na' too. See? told you to pick me pick me hahahah But keep it bright side dude, only money stolen but your life still safe and can do something then that's already great. Next time you move in their apartment so no one controlling around your place
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    I've face the flood at my house which is under water nearly all my first floor. Good luck since more than a week, the water level is decreasing bit by bit. However, I can find the nice link to show very beautiful pictures from flood area in my province ^^. Yeah beautiful but sad or we could say beautiful nightmare. http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/10/worst-flooding-in-decades-swamps-thailand/100168/ Such as this pic A "reclining Buddha" inundated with floodwaters on October 10, 2011 at an ancient temple -- one of a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ayutthaya province. (Pornchai Kittiwongsakul/AFP/Getty Images) [ATTACH=CONFIG]117435[/ATTACH]
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    Good question, as I am planning on returning to Thailand in January, after the holidays here. With the reports stating that the flooding could take up to 6 weeks to recede, that would put BKK being dry somewhere in mid December. My sincere condolences to the Thai people enduring this situation. Cant imagine the scope of this tragedy.
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    To answer number 4. Refer to rule 32: if it exists, there is a porn of/on it. I know they are usually always located in a back rooms of local video stores. If you see a bead curtain as a door, your chances of finding one have just increased.
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    Came across some event happening at this place on Saturday (30 July) If you were in BKK that would be a perfect chance for you to go check it out!!
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    Em...you do realise the whole thing was an April Fool's joke?
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    I took some time before viewing this video. To be honest, about about 4 of her accents made me slightly giggle. There are much better attempts out there. She tries hard, and has seen a lot of movies, but fails miserably compared to whats out there. That being said, I can't do a Japanese nor an American accent very well. You should hear my accent from Antarctica though!
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    Seh Daeng didn't die fighting. He died giving an interview. I don't care who killed him or whether they're lying about it: he got what he deserved.
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    Now we can say thank ya to Geeko for the laughs lol
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    Hmmm GG looks older in the video.
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    It was a good attempt, but judging from some of your past outbursts, it's hard to know if you're serious or joking. Thus, I didn't find much humor in your post...I tend to read your posts while imagining the wicked witch of the west behind an Acer laptop with a picture of Ciaran on a dart board right above that...just sayin.
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    well it's definitely not a hot chick !!!! that's for sure !!!
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    Almost every thread I go now (is it just me that's thinking this way?), the same story is happening and happening and happening... Dear Admins, please bring in the peacemakers for the boys... How long is this going to go on...
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    I don't think place people were born matter... We can't choose where to born, how we grew up.
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    You could probably get one of those in Thailand for the same price as a 99 in the UK.
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    well actually that's an additional reason for thai girls not to like him .... being indian for starters and then from the UK ... a real double whammy !!!!
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    ahem .... i do believe someone else may have mentioned this earlier !!!!
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    Don't need to read any further. If it's in the Bible, do it. That includes stoning people, having multiple wives, and making human sacrifices. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.
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    what's a shame!!! 5555 sorry i am a low tech person and that is why i come up with....I think i better learn new slang Thai word so that I'm not out of date hahaha
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    Two guys were walking home one late night when they saw a dog licking his balls. Admiringly, one of the guys said: "Oh, I wish I could do that!" to which his friend replied: "You'd better check so he doesn't bite." ------------------------------------------ Two other guys were having a late night at the pub, and eventually, inevitably, the discussion came to sex. One guy slurringly told the his friend how he lately had become so desperate that he started doing dogs. Disgusted his friend said :"Eeeew, how low can you get????" "Well", the guy replied, " about as low as a dachshund."
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    snow storm over...had about 14 inches in the central connecticut area. 25-30 mph winds still causing a lot of drifting snow. temperatures a balmy 21 degrees f...
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    The Forest and the Fire-Keeper Louisa Willcox Posted December 13, 2010 in Saving Wildlife and Wild Places http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/lwillcox/the_forest_and_the_fire-keeper.html Whitebark pine, Part 3 (See Part 1 and Part 2) Recently, a friend introduced me to a book called The Global Forest by (yet another woman) Diane Beresford-Kroeger, a botanist and medical bio-chemist from Canada. In the book’s final essay, “The Forest and Fire-Keeper,†Kroeger spoke of “fire-keepers†as keepers of the old legends, according to the First Nations, the aboriginal people of North America. In their oral tradition, the “fire-keepers†gather the wisdom and are the “keepers of the legends.†They are charged, too, with the memory of prophecy. Beresford-Kroeger related an ancient story of a prophesy for Mother Nature, the complex, intricate web of life. In this prophesy, according to the legend of the fire-keepers, the timeline of major change will happen at the time of the “great dying†of the North American sugar maples (a phenomenon which is actually happening now). “This dying,†she says, “is the beginning of the timeline of the destruction of nature.†Beresford-Kroeger goes on to say: “The rape of nature has then begun. Other trees will succumb to various infestations. The loss of forests will foreshadow a period of devastation. People will not realize what they have done, but they will continue in their path of demolition. From the peoples of today will rise another new generation of children. These children will be different from all those who came before. These children will have many gifts. They will be able to do extraordinary things. Primarily these children will have the gift of telepathy across the globe… They will understand and comprehend what their parents have done… Then the children of this generation will want to help the planet and nature in a collective way. They will hold hands across the planet in their minds. They will alter their parents’ ways. They will encourage one another. In this circle of life the children will save their parents through a dream and through a prophesy. In saving their parents they will save the planet.†Beresford-Kroeger says this legend was told orally, “before electricity at a time when the sugar maples were healthy and producing copious quantities of sap for maple sugar.†The author concludes: “The children exist. They have been taught a better mode of planetary management. The consumerism in their lives were holes of unbearable solitude. They are already reaching for something else, something elusive, something that is colorblind to race. It is called dignity, the dignity of life, all life.†Ah, just as I thought: the future of whitebark pine and what we chose to do about the current catastrophe prompts reflection on an ancient, wise concept: the dignity of life. A concept too often forgotten amidst the screaming on TV and radio talk shows, Fox News, iPods, and all the gadgets we distract ourselves with. How can we remember the importance of dignity, and put it into action moment by moment, day by day, in our interactions with each other and the land? How can we create a culture with the wisdom and compassion to save and nurture life? It all starts at a personal level, I think, with an individual commitment to a practice that keeps the idea of dignity -- for self and others -- at our core, so it becomes, over time, the well-spring of daily activities. Maybe we need to turn to and learn from the younger ones now – some, whom I have had the good fortune to meet, certainly have the wisdom that we sorely need. If we fail, what hope is there for us, the whitebark pine, and all the other species that comprise this interdependent web of life? Preserving the dignity of life may, when the story is fully told, turn out to be a core principle that all our lives depend on. O.K. children, step to the front and “do-si-doâ€! I'm thinking that the internet & 3 & 4G smart phones are connecting us together "Electronic Telepathy" maybe there will be a rise conscienceless for all life on this world.
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    Score one for justice. There was a quite recent incident where a US student committed suicide as a result of school bullies. I'm sure there are many such incidents. If he hadn't been found not guilty, it would have been an absolute travesty. Tantamount to saying that you can't fight back when you snap, but you can kill yourself. Frankly, the types who perpetrate this kind of thing should be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible, publicly shamed and their parents also prosecuted for producing such vile offspring. (Some people's only talent appears to be an ability to produce kids they can't be arsed to bring up properly.)
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    In term of look, I'd say I've gone out with a bunch of blond, red head, very white to pale and have a lot of freckles, whether they're friggin' handsome or fugly :oops: What they have in common is I found them very intelligent, someone I can talk and argue with. Someone with a lot of sense of humour full with dark jokes and loev being sarcastic. Someone who is hard to win a heart. I guess thats why I always fall for a Virgo :roll: I dont like guys who chase me desperately. It's boring, although they might be a kind of good guys with a potiental of a long-term boyfriend. I'm a gemini so I get bored easily. I need someone who can keep me excited or interested in :wink:
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    Not always.. Size DOES matter..