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    Hello, everybody. My name is Nattaporn. I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I'm looking for the person who want to learn Thai. I can teach you but you should teach me English too.
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    Hi everyone. I'm newbie here wanna know people and make new friends. I try to lean how to use this side. Nice to meet you guys!!
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    I'm 18 and my husband is 69. Believe me, I'm not with him.
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    Love your post Bill. Too bad I haven't got reputation points enough to give you. and I totally agree with Johnno. As long as PeeThai keep our mouth shut every time we see something wrong, that means the wrong will continue. Pity! There was a Thai saying "ชั่วชังชี ดีชั่งพระ" (never mind an immoral nun, never mind a good monk). Basically "Thai" teach "Thai" not to give a **** to whatever other people do. I really want to know who the hack started this saying because it's totally wrong. See what happening in Thailand....shame!! After this article of Voranai, he's got himself another Thai fan.
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    Im Thai . I'd like to practice Eng languest Pls Help
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    My name is Benz. I'm Thai. I'm good taking care, I want to know the foreign in Chiangmai to make friends. For exchange some culture or knowing each other. I can speak English little bit but type quite good. I hope that will have anyone interest for join me. My line ID is 522110016 or facebook.
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    Bangkok is the 61st most expensive city to live in. Not too far behind NYC. http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2014/03/04/shanghai-is-more-expensive-than-new-york/ I know people can eat for a buck or whatever and there are rooms you can rent for a few thousand baht per month but, really, when you look at western style accommodations and dining, this doesn't seem too far off.
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    What are you doing... What have you been doing... What did you do... What will you do... on this HAPPY period? :wink:
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    Well Im 29 and my husband 59, believe me Im not with him for his money, because he dont have any...but I love him for what he is, a kind gentle, loving man.
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    I'm totally infamous at my shop for staying at the worst of places. I stayed at the YMCA in Chicago (before it was renovated -- I'm talking crack city). I've stayed 23 nights at a time in the Che Lagarto hostel in Rio with my youth football team, no problem at all, I'd totally recommend it. I not only stayed at Columbia University annex hostel housing in Manhattan, but as my plane arrived late, I had to BREAK IN via the louvers leading to the basement, and because once inside there was no one there to check me in, I slept a few hours on a work bench in said basement. In Bangkok, it has happened to me that my hotel reservation was booked incorrectly into the following night, and there was no space for me, after a 21 hour flight. So, too lazy to bother with finding alternative digs (which would have been easy), I simply had the porter take my bag, and at 11pm I went straight back out into the night, dirtier than a soi dog, returning at 10 in the morning for the first available room. I dare say by far the best city in the world in which to arrive in the dead of night without a reservation, assuming you have a modicum of stamina, is indeed Bangkok.
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    I just discovered that Teila posted an event held at Overstay a few mths ago... So probably this place is not that much of a slum as we imagine! 5555
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    Ok you got me. That was my humorous side coming out. No really my funds only extend to a monthly pension i receive from the UK. I worked it out if I can save a 100 baht a week by perhaps cutting down on luxury items such as pot noodles and vegemite I should be able to spoil her with a new Rolex watch i have seen on sale, very cheap on The Sukhumvit Rd in Bangkok.
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    anybody who thinks 65,000 is excessive obviously hasn't had a crazy thai ex-gf !!!!
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    A Persian cat was also rescued from a room on the 21st floor. well luckily they saved the ***** !!
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    Even worse when you do it 4, or 5, times!
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    my friend told me that CiranM told her too!
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    Thanks a lot for your fight. First time I saw this post and later I found Admin might deleted it. Can't believe he dares to post this thread
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    I could "be without" all of those -- I do have most of them, though. The top two for me aren't on the list. 1. Firefox, from Mozilla. I won't touch Internet Exploder anymore. --1a. NoScript extension for Firefox --1b. AdBlockPlus extension for Firefox 2. ZoneAlarm from ZoneLabs. In my opinion, the best free firewall on the market. Prevention being better than cure, avast should never have to find a virus or a "3 hour long trojan horse," whatever that is, if you use your computer more defensively.
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    hmm... it's very technic, and it's so complicated
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    and at the end of the meeting tomorrow there will be a cry of APRIL FOOL!
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    How would you form the correct question tag for the following phrase: "I hope there are no more long texts, .." Would it be: a) arent there ? or arent they ? Thanks for the answer. I would definitely tend to a), as it refers to "texts".
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    . I guess that's me? So I guess I have to retaliate and say how pathetic it is accessing a dating site/forum from your phone instead of enjoying the real World while you are out and about in it.
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    Almost every thread I go now (is it just me that's thinking this way?), the same story is happening and happening and happening... Dear Admins, please bring in the peacemakers for the boys... How long is this going to go on...
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    nah mate, been there, i am british indian myself. girls will speak to you though as they are polite but they will always want the white skin ones
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    Personally, "ka" used by men will do the trick for women under 25 years old or perhaps under 20 years old. I don't think that grown-up women will find the guys saying "ka" attrative, of course friendly for sure.
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    You could probably get one of those in Thailand for the same price as a 99 in the UK.
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    in Barcelona. Heading out the door to catch a train up to the Circuit de Catalunya to watch the F1 teams preseason testing.
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    More a seeing than hearing story. A drunken tourist was talking to a girl in Nana Liquid for around 30 mins......she then turned her attentions to his semi sober 'cough' Ex pat friend and they carried on the conversation for 15 mins or so. She started sms'n on her phone so I eerrrr the guy stopped talking to her. She then shows the guy the phone and it says 'I am deaf' I_Am_George was stunned :-O
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    A guy sent PM to you saying nice things, you replied being friendly then you guys keep in touch, chat sometimes. Your freindship growing well, and you feeling got stronger expecting anything further than just friend...till you met in person. The conversation went on naturally on the day you guys first met like you have been friends for so long until he told you that he crushed on your (female) friend and kept talking about her all the rest of that night. What would you do ? Will this hurts you ?
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    But most if not all parents are happy to pay this and tout the fact as a display of wealth to family, friends and neighbors. Wanna stop corruption? Then Thais should stop showing off
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    Not always.. Size DOES matter..
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    Goojje sounds in thai like ¡Øê´¨Õè it's a name for a type of bug that lives in buffalo's dung. Isaan people eats them.
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    Why women outlive men.? Women live three or five years longer than men on average in the world, according to the Office of National Statistics. But why?..Have you say ? with men being more reckless in their youth and women choosing a better diet and more exercise. But to fully understand why the fairer sex has a longer innings in life, we take a look at the differences between the sexes. 1.Women tend to have stronger hearts A woman's heart is just as strong at the age of 70 as it is at the age of 17 A study at the university's Research Unit for Human Development and Ageing found that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25 per cent between the ages of 18 and 70. Could this be the key to a lengthier life expectancy? 2.Women have two X chromosomes Tom Perls, founder of the New England Centenarian Study at Boston University believes that the key to longer life expectancy for women is in the genes. Where women have two X chromosomes, men have one and X and one Y chromosome which, according to Perls, makes men's cells more susceptible to ageing and damage. 3. Women may have more powerful immune systems Researchers at London?s Imperial College School of Medicine conducted a study of men and women aged 20 to 62 and found that the women produced more infection-fighting white blood cells (or T-cells) than their male counterparts. Researcher's discovered that the thymus gland, which produces T-cells, makes fewer cells as people age. Yet older women still had higher levels of new T-cells than men of the same age. 4. Women tend to sleep better than men Women are much better at coping with minor sleep deprivation according to a study by Alexandros Vgontzas of Pennsylvania State University. The stresses of modern day life can often mean that we miss out on valuable sleep, which is key to good health, but it is actually men who suffer from sleep deprivation the most: Vgontzas's research revealed that while women manage to get an average of 70 minutes deep sleep each night, men only managed to ****** 40 minutes. 5. Women generally have healthier diets If you think your man behaves like a caveman - especially when it comes to his eating habits, here?s why. A survey by FoodNet of 14,000 men and women found that men are more likely to eat meat-based dishes while women opt for a variety of foods including fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, eggs and yogurt. 6. Women remain healthier in order to reproduce The roles that men and women play in the circle of life are very different and may determine why women outlive men. Thomas Perls, a former geriatrician at Harvard Medical School, believes that the menopause protects older women from bearing children in later life and allows them to live long enough to take care of their families. Perls also says that a man' purpose is to ?carry genes that ensure longevity and pass them on to their daughters. Thus, female longevity becomes the force that determines the natural life span of both men and women?. 7. Women are less likely to be smokers Smoking causes around 18% of deaths in adults aged 35 and over every year in the UK, according to the NHS. Shockingly, the NHS estimates that 23% of men will die of a smoking-related disease, compared to 14% of women. :!:
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    Answer : It depends on how one's definition of the word ladyboy. Is ladyboy a term used for effeminate boys? or Is ladyboy a term used for transitioning transgendered? This has been always debatable and misused. However. A man who is in relationship with a ladyboy (transitioning MTF), he would be a straight-curious or a bi-curious. He is attracted to femininity as well as mentality of female. Gay men are not sexually attracted to transitioning ladyboys, but effeminate gay boys (tud µØê´/ twinks) and muscular males. Eventhough these belong to LGBT community as alternative lifestyles.
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    question : would you consider a man who is in a relationship with a lady boy as "straight"? or is the guy gay?
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    Hey Guys enjoy to search and post your old fun favorite picture here,for memory :wink: and tell your story when where in the picture this pic I was in 23 year old I went to work about New paper {Siam Business News} in Ubol ratchathani I like this pic cos I dont took from a digital camera and in this pic make me remember how is hard in the first work after I decide you drop study in university,cos my mom she dont have enough money for paid my study than I drop to work for my self,also this pic I took with my first farang friends!
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    Just a small change in our schedule; AomLovely, Tukkie and I are going to the temple tomorrow. Anyone wanting to join can meet us at MRT Asoke at 4 pm SHARP, or just PM me. Cheers
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    Usually when Grezzzy and I are not in the same apartment (ie. I am in HKG or elsewhere and she is at home) I get to lie on the bed and sleep...perchance to dream... BUT... If the lady of the house is in I usually get a lot of practice trying NOT to fall OUT of the bed! Why is it that a double, queen or king size bed is not wide enough for a petite Thai girl who weighs in at about 42Kg dripping wet? I end up with a strip of bed on which I balance, that is JUST wide enough as long as I sleep dead straight and on my SIDE! ...but thats while sleeping... We also have all our "kids" on the bed...the stuffed toys that keep Grezzzy company while I am away...not to metion the occassional pile of unironed washing...
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    I reccomend the floating market in bkk. I've never been there either but that was what you were after though right?
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    I think the people with the birds in the cages should just release them all and receive all the good karma for themselves!! I feel that I receive good karma for not beating the **** out of the sellers and releasing the birds myself.
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    I have a car and driver. Mine is the green one. .
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    Lie - saying/writing untrue statement Cheat - the action of behaving dishonestly lying is a sub-category of cheating?? or is it vice versa.. ?? like bread and butter, You can't cheat without being a liar. if you lie, you cheat (your ownself)
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    No I would have zero tolerance to a weak guy who threaten to kill himself when its not even the end of world yet! I cant imagine dating a guy who is that negative tho... Killing myself thought has never existed in me since i was young... Would rather kill someone else :evil:
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    personally Im a farangaholic lol I really am hver, for some reasons many thai girls dont like farang : - they think its different to communicate with farang cos they could probably interpret wrong meaning or misunderstand what her farang says. - they think all farangs need sex for all the time. i mean some of them might go out with farang but then they gotta break up cos some girls dont wanna have sex. - its easier to understand thai guyz cos we speak same language based on same culture. - some considers are ugly lol like too white or too blonde - some farangs are really difficult to understand what they think or why the hack they do such a thing. (never happen to me tho : P) I dunno thats all i can think of at the moment. and I absolutely dont agree that its not truth, 95% of my friends dont wanna have a farang bf : p