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    Hello, everybody. My name is Nattaporn. I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I'm looking for the person who want to learn Thai. I can teach you but you should teach me English too.
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    Hi everyone. I'm newbie here wanna know people and make new friends. I try to lean how to use this side. Nice to meet you guys!!
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    I'm 18 and my husband is 69. Believe me, I'm not with him.
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    Love your post Bill. Too bad I haven't got reputation points enough to give you. and I totally agree with Johnno. As long as PeeThai keep our mouth shut every time we see something wrong, that means the wrong will continue. Pity! There was a Thai saying "ชั่วชังชี ดีชั่งพระ" (never mind an immoral nun, never mind a good monk). Basically "Thai" teach "Thai" not to give a **** to whatever other people do. I really want to know who the hack started this saying because it's totally wrong. See what happening in Thailand....shame!! After this article of Voranai, he's got himself another Thai fan.
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    hi friends can i'm know more friends from here
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    hi i'm thai guy. want to practice english and willing to help you to improve thai your welcome anyone nice to meet u ps: in case you would find this post in next few years, please email me anyway at rongsawatpeach............. also in case i might not come back in this website.
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    I'm pretty sure all women lower their standards to marry us :-)
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    When i got bored, i go to Facebook website look around people profiles and pictures and jealous them.
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    I think that learning Thai language through Thai song is a good way as music can make you're relaxed. I'll try to find the nice Thai songs to post here. Enjoy learning and watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvxDydk_rLs
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    I just read the whole thread I want to thank olympos for sharing what happend! If one has feelings for a girl like this, it may be very difficult. However, I think it may be best to look at it as Bill says: This may help to get rational, see reality and kick such girls out of one's life...
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    Gives a whole new meaning to the military phrase "sharing a foxhole". Bunker guard duty would be forever changed. During my time in the service, the draft was going strong, and at the LA Iduction Center, where pre-service processing was taking place, there were many inductees running around in bra, panties, full face make-up. etc. It was quite a spectacle. One guy packed peanut butter in his underpants, and as it was summer time, the peanut butter melted and ran down his leg. During the rectum inspection he was dismissed, thrown out. The only one on that day who dodged the draft.
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    A Persian cat was also rescued from a room on the 21st floor. well luckily they saved the ***** !!
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    Don't play with snakes You might get bit
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    sometimes god has a lot to answer for !!!
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    my friend told me that CiranM told her too!
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    Dear Khun Whitelotus, I know it's none of my business to say this. From what I have seen the fighthing between you and EB and the others for a while... I'm not sure how long I have been on and off TF, I know some good ppl here and yes bad ppl as well... So I think I have experience enough to tell you. Once I got personal attack from a girls gang on TF they made fun about me called me as an half animal, they exchanged messages through their testimonials. So I foght back through the TF forum. No one on my side, ppl said I called for the cat fighting. Then I think why I wasted my time around here to fight for nothing. My dignity is still in myself no one can step on it cuz I KNOW WHO I AM. I don't wanna compare my case with your case. So many time I see ppl make jokes around, they said and done something which I think "If my friends or family hear this they will get punch at their faces (literture way). I stay long enough to see oh it's just normal for them to say. May be bad joke for us but good joke for them. People are difference kha. You just open your mind, and for something you can forgive just forgive them, for something you should drop just drop it. You will get nothing to win this believe me. Getting friends is better than getting enemies. Please take my message as a friendly advice. Neung
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    And you never will be like me ! I thought I don’t want to speak,But It’s my time now.How well you know me? and in which sentence that Teila ,Me or Kunny Humble?,let's say we left the comments appropriate in each posts.We might be right or wrong it’s doesn’t matter as long as we not insult anybody .We have our dignity in the good way which i think you should realize that why peoples hates you.Before i poor you white.But for now girl you deserved it.You went to EB 2-3 posts and just attacked him like that,he still calmed ,but you never stop your bad behave don't you?Is is too hard to say something like a human talk?Why the peoples they don't hates all the peoples ,why they hates you because you acts like this,You said you fight for your right.Yehh but no one care,Me too! Before remember? They attacked you that time,I tried to stop you and them.They might think oh it's the time not because of what i said they have their own brains, opinions and they limits and perhaps talked with you or explain to you,it’s wasted their times. Bd did in whatever is you in his idea.This website is open for everything,what you get it's what you have done before ,you go on and excuse yourself and no one give a dam to you.They tried to explain but you just not listen then You deserve it. Whenever you open your loud mouth and insults peoples who you hates or against them in whatever they posts.Mean You love only yourself and you think your opinion is so dammm right.Oh well My English not that good but I am sure it’s good more than you about understand the meaning of peoples and life,I think right too and I think wrong many times and I learn from the mistake ,But I am sure the person like you don’t want to learn and never will.I always apologize if I done wrong ,I have my dignity and my pride which you never know how high is it more than you can imagine but I respect peoples and I don’t need to tell or announcement to everybody how pride of myself am I and how much dignity I have,which you had none,I sure do know my self who am I,Nobody perfect but we can make us the best as we could.The Dignity of you,whenever you open your mouth your dignity gone in each word you said. PS: Yes I humble in the right way and the right time.Which you never have and never will.
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    Oh... look. You're a teacher.
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    hmm... it's very technic, and it's so complicated
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    I was never the biggest boy in the showers, but how gutted was I when the wife uploaded our 'home movie' to 'You Porn' only for them to list it under lesbian.
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    Unfortunately, despite what ant says, Thai girls generally don't like anyone who looks Indian, even if you were born and raised in the UK. That being said, there are always exceptions.
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    what about stupid fat guy with bald head, one leg, one eye and deaf, with a little money lol
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    I've met plenty - but I wouldn't say I 'know' them. There's a consortium of police, ex-police and family who run a bunch of bars and clubs in Bangkok who are a type of mafia. They can do pretty much anything they want with their businesses, but they mostly just make money and not trouble. Worryingly, they remember me more than I remember them. Sometimes one of them will say hello and someone else will have to remind me who he is. I used to have regular meetings with two mafia groups in Patong - 1 A nightclub/property gang 2 Taxi/TukTuk gang They could make or break a business and the police were pretty powerless to do anything. The police in Patong were dicks. I paid a ****load of money, and got no proection or special treatment. In Bangkok, if you 'rent' a policeman, you get a 'special friend' and it's always worth doing it. I can still call in favours from a guy I did business with 4 or 5 years ago. But in Patong, they treated me like dirt. As far as farang gangsters are concerned, I can say I 'know' one gang (ie I have a phone number and I can call them up) - a motorbike gang. These guys were into drugs and dodgy property deals (Samui) and made a ****load of cash. All of them were HUGE Europeans and drank heavily all the time. The one time one of them got out of hand in a bar I ran, I was pretty concerned I wouldn't be able to throw him out (and he was the smallest!), but the boys did it for me - and then they made him come back to the bar and apologise for being an a-sshole. I still meet a few of them around Sukhumvit from time to time, including one big coke dealer. All of them were nice guys, but I knew there was a line never to cross, and I was happy they treated me as a friend.
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    A guy sent PM to you saying nice things, you replied being friendly then you guys keep in touch, chat sometimes. Your freindship growing well, and you feeling got stronger expecting anything further than just friend...till you met in person. The conversation went on naturally on the day you guys first met like you have been friends for so long until he told you that he crushed on your (female) friend and kept talking about her all the rest of that night. What would you do ? Will this hurts you ?
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    i would felt 'Ooh Hell', but what da heck ..Well Congratulation. if luck hasn't always shine on us, then some other time... :keep clam and carry on:
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    But most if not all parents are happy to pay this and tout the fact as a display of wealth to family, friends and neighbors. Wanna stop corruption? Then Thais should stop showing off
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    Thank you kaa' :wink: Tried to read between the lines… I got some points… Generally when we know people (in person, not by internet)… it would probably be in same social circle… same background, lifestyle, I would say. It would be easy to get along... but in the other hand, it wouldn’t make you both a good match (as you said above) Somehow experiences would make benefit… to add up my last comment, I would say this; - I got chances to learn people (by myself and by others), to know what type of people I like or doesn’t… who is ok for contacts, friends or my bf. - I had been looking for the right guy… gave myself chances (again and again) to learn people… I got slightly different types of guys each time… eg. by age, occupation, personality, life style, even nationality... the more I know people the clearer picture I can imagine… - I grow up (but my second nature’s still)… have changed a lot, I can say… experience enables us to get along much better this time… perhaps he could be the right person (since we met), but we just got the wrong time to be together… i had tried to look further... as much as i could... to find the right guy to myself... yet, as a matter of fact, he just sits next to me :wink: ¨Ôê¡â¡ë? äÃèà ÃÃ’Ãèà à ÃҪúÃÒµÕë
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    Pretty much on a par with too many other countries: UK: pretty good with the rights of Catholics in Northern Ireland for 400 years, and excellent with Africans in Kenya in the Fifties USA: Top marks for the invasion of the Phiippines, Guantanamo, annexation of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, incarceration of Jap Americans during WWII Thailand: Ask the Rohinga, the Hmong or the people in the South Every country has skeletons in the closet
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    Goojje sounds in thai like ¡Øê´¨Õè it's a name for a type of bug that lives in buffalo's dung. Isaan people eats them.
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    hehehe... the best simple line of the day from PeeMarc! im loving it! perhaps thats your experience. But its never been that way for me. Good luck with next one.
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    Why women outlive men.? Women live three or five years longer than men on average in the world, according to the Office of National Statistics. But why?..Have you say ? with men being more reckless in their youth and women choosing a better diet and more exercise. But to fully understand why the fairer sex has a longer innings in life, we take a look at the differences between the sexes. 1.Women tend to have stronger hearts A woman's heart is just as strong at the age of 70 as it is at the age of 17 A study at the university's Research Unit for Human Development and Ageing found that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25 per cent between the ages of 18 and 70. Could this be the key to a lengthier life expectancy? 2.Women have two X chromosomes Tom Perls, founder of the New England Centenarian Study at Boston University believes that the key to longer life expectancy for women is in the genes. Where women have two X chromosomes, men have one and X and one Y chromosome which, according to Perls, makes men's cells more susceptible to ageing and damage. 3. Women may have more powerful immune systems Researchers at London?s Imperial College School of Medicine conducted a study of men and women aged 20 to 62 and found that the women produced more infection-fighting white blood cells (or T-cells) than their male counterparts. Researcher's discovered that the thymus gland, which produces T-cells, makes fewer cells as people age. Yet older women still had higher levels of new T-cells than men of the same age. 4. Women tend to sleep better than men Women are much better at coping with minor sleep deprivation according to a study by Alexandros Vgontzas of Pennsylvania State University. The stresses of modern day life can often mean that we miss out on valuable sleep, which is key to good health, but it is actually men who suffer from sleep deprivation the most: Vgontzas's research revealed that while women manage to get an average of 70 minutes deep sleep each night, men only managed to ****** 40 minutes. 5. Women generally have healthier diets If you think your man behaves like a caveman - especially when it comes to his eating habits, here?s why. A survey by FoodNet of 14,000 men and women found that men are more likely to eat meat-based dishes while women opt for a variety of foods including fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, eggs and yogurt. 6. Women remain healthier in order to reproduce The roles that men and women play in the circle of life are very different and may determine why women outlive men. Thomas Perls, a former geriatrician at Harvard Medical School, believes that the menopause protects older women from bearing children in later life and allows them to live long enough to take care of their families. Perls also says that a man' purpose is to ?carry genes that ensure longevity and pass them on to their daughters. Thus, female longevity becomes the force that determines the natural life span of both men and women?. 7. Women are less likely to be smokers Smoking causes around 18% of deaths in adults aged 35 and over every year in the UK, according to the NHS. Shockingly, the NHS estimates that 23% of men will die of a smoking-related disease, compared to 14% of women. :!:
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    Hi TFers, Just a quick note to inform friends and acquaintance who would wanna attend Ada's wake and cremation. Location of Wake : Wat Bueng Thong Lang , Sala 4, Ladprao 101 Cremation : 5th Jan 2009 - next Monday 5.00pm I saw her pic at the hospital last night...she is still as beautiful and sweet as ever....... friends who wanna see her for last time can visit the above temple . Bo...R.I.P :cry:
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    Just a small change in our schedule; AomLovely, Tukkie and I are going to the temple tomorrow. Anyone wanting to join can meet us at MRT Asoke at 4 pm SHARP, or just PM me. Cheers
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    There is only one way to find out
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    yes, because when I go to sauna.... I go commando ....as well ..only in Australia ! Not in Thailand !!
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    the best thing is having a "One Eyed Wonder Weasel" the worst, if your're ever in trouble it's usually because of your "One Eyed Wonder Weasel"
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    Hua Hin is definately not what your looking for - no real beaches to speak of and unless your fishing for squid don't bother dropping a line... Nice town, chilled out and no hassles but not the entertainment capital of Thailand. Also agree with Admin - the further south - the better!
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    I reccomend the floating market in bkk. I've never been there either but that was what you were after though right?
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    I think the people with the birds in the cages should just release them all and receive all the good karma for themselves!! I feel that I receive good karma for not beating the **** out of the sellers and releasing the birds myself.
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    Why do you start every sentence with the period in front of the sentence?
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    I will get to BKK on the 4th but will probably need sometime to get used to with the weather and time different .... On the 5th , Let's have a dinner party and then off to Bed Supper Club ( didn't get to go there on my last trip ) or somewhere else . I don't know much about the restaurant in BKK . I need something good something interesting and fun and casual ... Help ! PS: If you want anything from NYC , pls let me know ....
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    We all want u from NY, Mel, a special thing
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    Cartier's Declaration. I'm not a big fan of citrus but this one smells really nice. Introduced to me by my ex and only years later that I got one of my own. Givenchy's Very Irresistable. Not a fan of the sexy scent either but love this one. Body Shop's special edition one. Don't remember the name even though I wear it all the time but it smells very much like chocolate. Then there're the Rose and Vanilla ones from L'Occitaine
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    Yup, the word is still in use a lot in Isaan but less so in Bangkok. I presume that is your point. I don't think "rad" is exactly the same as "slutty". I have translated it as "looking for some action". It's as much to do with the intention as the "look". These words are hard to translate between cultures and languages. ¹éÓ¹Ôè§äËÅÅÖ¡ literally is quite similar to the English phrase "still waters run deep". I don't think it's like "coquettish". For me it refers to a woman who is respectable and quiet and shy in her manner but might be more hotblooded and passionate underneath. It's not necessarily an insult at all, is it? I suppose submarines (regardless of color) flow quickly under the surface while leaving the waters above still and undisturbed....
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    i agree with ghee. bad experiences can make anyone turn from love, even me :cry: heheheh im not crying though. maybe just take time to heal even if it is a long time. i hope your friend will be ok