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    Hello, everybody. My name is Nattaporn. I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I'm looking for the person who want to learn Thai. I can teach you but you should teach me English too.
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    I was beginning to think you wouldn't get back on that one.
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    Beau Urt

    Hi... I'm Newbie Here

    Hi everyone. I'm newbie here wanna know people and make new friends. I try to lean how to use this side. Nice to meet you guys!!
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    I'm 18 and my husband is 69. Believe me, I'm not with him.
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    Love your post Bill. Too bad I haven't got reputation points enough to give you. and I totally agree with Johnno. As long as PeeThai keep our mouth shut every time we see something wrong, that means the wrong will continue. Pity! There was a Thai saying "ชั่วชังชี ดีชั่งพระ" (never mind an immoral nun, never mind a good monk). Basically "Thai" teach "Thai" not to give a **** to whatever other people do. I really want to know who the hack started this saying because it's totally wrong. See what happening in Thailand....shame!! After this article of Voranai, he's got himself another Thai fan.
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    My name is Smita, I am looking for a friendship and something nice ..
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    Could You Be My Friends?

    Hi all I am new comer to move in Thailand. I would like to be friends in here. Going lunch, dinner, drink, adventure. Giving value informations, topics, cool and fun things each other. I am ready to have fun for everything with all. Welcome to any age, any race, any religion. Let's fun to be with and learn our culture each other. i am sorry I am not good at English well. If you want to learn Japanese language, feel free to ask me.
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    William Heinecke penned the following below in an open letter in the Bangkok Post the other day. Mr. Heinecke is the CEO of a major Thailand-based tourism company. I wanted to respond. One does not need to be targeted to be harmed. I'm sure the two children who died in the Big-C bombing were not targeted. I know he wrote this before the Big-C bombing, and I'm not trying to sensationalize what I'm saying, but when violence continues to show a pattern of escalation, innocent bystanders can and do get hurt. Declaring Thailand safe because tourists are not targets is not doing anyone any service. Richard Barrow has been doing the same up until today too. All of his messages are that things are safe as long as you avoid protest areas. I'm glad that Mr. Barrow has finally decided to begin advising people that they may want to skip Bangkok. https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/status/438442149919457280 But "safe" is not binary. It is not black or white. Safe is relative. Safe is something you measure on a scale of 1 to 10. The ambassadors that Mr. Heinecke is trying to appeal to understand that because they work in security where threats and risks are measured on a scale. They issue travel advisories and travel warnings when risks rise above an acceptable level. If you read the US Embassy's travel warning for Thailand there is nothing said that is factually incorrect. http://bangkok.usembassy.gov/021414_thailand_travel_alert.html I've read similar advisories from other embassies and they all pretty much follow the same procedure. One also needs to keep in mind that his words appear alongside people cautioning about the outbreak of civil war or a bloody coup in Thailand. However likely or unlikely either of those scenarios are, the fact that locals are talking about the possibility of them happening doesn't really sound like what most people would consider to be a "perfectly safe" place to travel to. That's a debatable statement that Mr. Heinecke provides no proof for. How is a advisory that is factually correct unnecessarily severe? If Mr. Heinecke disputes the facts contained in the travel advisories then he should stick with those facts and ask that the embassies revise their advisories to be more factually correct. While it's unfortunate that many Thais have been impacted by the political unrest going on, tourism is not an entitlement. Nobody should be duped into taking risks they are not willing to take just so the local people in Thailand don't suffer any financial hardship. If someone is uncomfortable with the level of risk in Thailand right now, that is their prerogative and it would be much more comforting if people like Mr. Heinecke understood and addressed their reservations rather than trying to downplay the risks. This is like saying that I should buy an inferior product because the people who make it will suffer financial hardship if I don't. Mr. Heinecke seems to misunderstand the first rule of salesmanship, it's not about what you want, it's about what the customer wants. I think it's also worth pointing out that when tourism is doing well in Thailand, tourists aren't cut many breaks. Weren't Thai authorities recently considering a 500 baht tourist tax? The difference, Mr. Heincke, is that demonstrations like the ones happening in Bangkok are unlikely in Washington or Paris. I'm pretty sure there's a protest in Washington at least every day. Same with London, Frankfurt, or Paris. But, protestors rarely get into gun battles with police. They rarely plant bombs. They rarely throw grenades or explosives into crowds. Protests are rarely moving mobs of people who pop up here and there and thus are unpredictable in terms of where the protest areas are. The bottom line is that demonstrations in Washington and Paris are fairly tame in comparison even if the passions are equal. Police in most western countries are well trained and no demonstration would go on for the length of time the protests in Bangkok have been going on. Protesters would not be allowed to dig in and create an entire support infrastructure (food, sanitation, etc) so they can protest indefinitely. Just like when the Yellow Shirts took over the airport years back. I can't think of a single western country that wouldn't have brought that situation to a close and restored airport operations in a few hours. And that's why Bangkok can't be compared to western countries. The governmental institutions that ensure an orderly society are not on par with western countries. When protesters, yellow or red, can take over major parts of a city for weeks or months on end and the police and the military sit back and do nothing, can they be relied on to protect innocent tourists who may find themselves in a dangerous situation? Those conditions mean that the government has lost control of those areas. Should something happen to a tourist, the government can do nothing to help them. The protestors control entire sections of the city. I've been in Thailand for both the yellow shirt protests (when they captured the airport) and the red shirt protests in 2010. I lived in an area (Ratchaprasong) that was completely under red shirt control. There were no police. There were no emergency services. I had to pass through checkpoints, armed by red shirt guards, to get back to my apartment every night. This simply would not happen, nor be tolerated in Washington or Paris. To make the comparison is to utterly misunderstand why the embassies have issued travel advisories. Specific areas that change frequently. http://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/396181/an-open-letter-to-ambassadors-based-in-bangkok.
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    Just wondering if anyone going to asia fitness convention in Bangkok in October.
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    Hello all :)

    Hi, I'm just curious to know what was your inspiration to learn Thai ?
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    HEY all guest :)

    Nowsaday, i've seen many guest number, so i wonder that why don't u join the site as a member so tht u can keep interact by posting in forum , blog and many more. I think just being a reader- one way communication is not fun though. Moreover, as a non-premium member, it's free of charge lol (right?bill) But if you guys have already been member, why don't u just show up , plz don't be shy lol
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    The Thai government or rather those who make the rules are convinced that any foreigner who does business in Thailand is taking work from a Thai. Small investment is to much effort for them, they are interested in large investment, sort of, they promote the benefits of a BOI (Bank Of Investment) approved venture with a minimum 30 million Baht investment. Part of the problem is the ignorance of what happens outside the borders of Thailand. This starts in the education system, and goes through the class system to the way the government operates. Those companies would probably not have happened in Thailand, even if some Thais came up with the ideas as the culture would have stifled an idea coming from a young person. Even a BOI company is a lot hard work. I'll give a few real life examples. An Australian firm is trying to invest $30M AUD in a BOI approved company in Thailand. After submitting over 5kg of paperwork it is time to put some money in a bank account as part of starting a company, they have the cash to transfer in Australia. They need an account to put the money into so the BOI can approve the company formation. So lawyers in tow they off to the bank to open an account. They have to submit the same 5kg of paperwork plus approvals from the BOI to the bank, the manager responded, "Cannot open account because company is not formed." Back to the BOI "Cannot form company without money in account" This went back and forward a couple of times. It was resolved eventually. The Australian GM told me if he was aware of the paperwork nightmare he would have invested in Cambodia. Example 2, a friend was buying repossessed motorcycles to use for rentals. The bikes came with proof of ownership from the motorcycle company. Part of the vast amounts of paperwork with each bike included all the details of the original purchaser, including a copy of their ID card, and a copy the motorcycle company's repo order, and all the details of the Japanese GM, ie copies of his passport, visa, work permit, all signed in person by the GM as all copies have to be signed by the original person. This paperwork was to kept and handed on to the next owner if need. My friend's venture was not fully legal as he is a foreigner.
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    retirement in thailand

    i am in krabi now!!!seems i have to travel a lot to see what i like most!!! also thailand isnt so cheap any more!!!still much much cheaper than europe!!
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    retirement in thailand

    in an Austrian cellar !!!
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    what women wants!!!!

    That's a good thing, I am a lesbian too, as I only love and lust women ... 55555
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    Flight of the Gibbon is so overpriced it is rediculous. If you like paying American prices in Thailand then go for them, and it isn't a double pricing deal, Thais get charged the same exhorborant prices. Single person for the 6 hour day package cost bt3800, with no discount for two people, and there are extra costs thrown in. The one hour package is only bt1800+ for one person, and not much is included. They are by far the most expensive day tour operation in Thailand, and it scares me to even think what this new package will cost.
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    they are all hiding in EB's wardrobe...
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    Can anyone help?

    I think so kha. There are many cool shops there. Or if you don't wanna go that far, you might check at Central Chidlom, I'm not sure 4th or 5th floor.
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    3 Happinesses

    You'll need a toaster to light that off.
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    ^^ PICK UP LINES? ^^

    Excuse me love, but does this damp cloth smell like chloroform to you?
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    sometimes god has a lot to answer for !!!
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    Drugs, man!

    I might miss the point, and it's been awhile since someone credit me as "naive". Take that as a compliment. "the differences between the destructive drugs and the recreational ones." No matter what, Iain. Drugs are drugs in my book, nothing more. This might sound even more "naive"... but if you start using one, it will lead to another stronger. It's like if you're an alcoholic, then you say.. oh, I don't drink beer.. I prefer red wine Pinot Noir or Merlot! ...it surly does sound sophisticated but you're still an alcoholic.
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    In 90% of these ads people say "good looking couple" but when you finally get the pictures the first thing that comes to mind is "who lied to you?" That's why people like this never post pictures first, they can't handle the truth.
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    He has a wife!

    This is the *nth* time I read/heard this kind of story. Ladies pls be wise enough! You dont call it a relationship if you haven't met the guy yet!!!! I get it you are in constant commmunication you talk over the phone, chat, sms but still you are not sure if the guy you talking in the other side of the world is a psycho or not! And you dont jump into a bf/gf relationship after just one meeting. You should at least take your time knowing each other in person. Its a basic knowledge you should not forget.
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    Bin Laden is Dead Poem...

    Heard about the new Bin Laden cocktail? Two shots and a splash of water!
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    North Africa!!!

    Go Rebels!!! Now I'm not averse to a dictator if his heart's in the right place, but the North African's have obviously had enough **** already. And good on them. Not like it doesn't happen all over the place, but it seems that its the North Africans that've snapped first. Now all we need is for the US militias to put their balls where their mouths are and do the same. (Same for the UK of course, but we're too used to queuing for ****.)
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    Improving my PAKWAN skills

    You're welcome. Sincerely, The Pakwan Research Institute.
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    Women who use khap instead of kaa

    ahem .... i do believe someone else may have mentioned this earlier !!!!
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    EPIC quotes you'd hear in Thailand

    One from the old The Big Mango website. Go-go dancer: What your job Guy: I am an engineer. What is your job? Go-go dancer: I go with man.
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    Is it a bad thing to be a virgin?

    After telling the world that she's sexually inexperienced four years ago by now 2011 she should not be a virgin anymore!
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    Women who use khap instead of kaa

    my thoughts... I use Kha with much lower subordinates such as the wife, low level staff, but usually always only on the phone and when talking quickly to show agreement on something. just habit. it makes the exchange more informal (i am male btw) women who use it do so to lend a certain feeling in the conversation - informality. its slightly patronizing which in thai culture occurs as polite informality. women do it all the time for little boys because to use Kha with some little tike would feel overly formal, unless he was a prince or something. so they use Krap. it also gives the little boy the reminder to use it when speaking.
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    Such as Thanon Ungree Dunung is the way Thai say it. (the road near Red Cross) Actually, it's the memorial of "Henri Dunant" Swedish guy (founder of international red cross, hope i wasn't wrong)
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    Will this hurts you ?

    i would felt 'Ooh Hell', but what da heck ..Well Congratulation. if luck hasn't always shine on us, then some other time... :keep clam and carry on:
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    Changing Times

    I say the same thing about my underwear every Sunday and I completely agree.
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    Could Thailand Become a Failed State?

    It hurts me to say this, but here I go. Thailand is failed already when it comes to education and healthcare system. The riches have the best, pretty much the same as every where in the world but the different is the poors in Thailand have almost nothing. The governments never really cared about the poors. Take that 30 bth healthcare thing for example. It could work, if there were doctors at the public hospitals but as far as I can see most doctors prefer to work for private hospitals, more money in their pockets. Patients have to wait hours and hours and do they get the best medicines? I wonder. But please do correct me if I’m wrong, if any of you in that 30bth programme and has got positive experiences, do tell me. Rich children go to the best school possible, while the poor kids next soi go to a public school where teachers are busy working extra to feed their family. Why can’t we make every school in TH in the same level? Why can’t we provide the equal healthcare to every Thai? Corruption is the major problem, it hurts me even more to say this, almost everyone corrupted, one way or another, more or less, with or without knowing that they corrupt or if they want to admit?? I corrupted too, I immediately give a policeman who stops me for speeding 500 bth in order to get away with all complications. My father paid tea-money to the school in order to get me in even I passed the exam, and that was over 30 years ago. Has anything changed by now? Yes, parents pay even more money than my father used to pay. Having said all this, I love Thailand no less than the next Thai. But sometime we just have to face the truth even if it hurts us badly and make it right. Protesting like some of us are doing now could be ok, but does anyone know what they are fighting for? Does anyone really understand what democracy is?
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    They are gorgeous!

    Wouldnt mind having sex with them :oops: :oops:
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    Cambodian human rights

    Pretty much on a par with too many other countries: UK: pretty good with the rights of Catholics in Northern Ireland for 400 years, and excellent with Africans in Kenya in the Fifties USA: Top marks for the invasion of the Phiippines, Guantanamo, annexation of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, incarceration of Jap Americans during WWII Thailand: Ask the Rohinga, the Hmong or the people in the South Every country has skeletons in the closet
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    English idioms game.

    And anyway... IT'S NOT A BLOODY IDIOM!!!!! try again...
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    Where to go ?

    Hua Hin is definately not what your looking for - no real beaches to speak of and unless your fishing for squid don't bother dropping a line... Nice town, chilled out and no hassles but not the entertainment capital of Thailand. Also agree with Admin - the further south - the better!
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    Hi-so Thai woman's bar girl rant.

    I cant really be bothered to read another rant about hookers but I do understand the reasons for it. First of all, hookers have literally taken over a number of the best bars in town like Q Bar (lets not even mention Gallee-yerrs). They used to hide in the corners and tout for business - they now literally own the place. Secondly, it is fine to say that most Thai girls dont need to show they arent a hooker. And yet there are always some ignorant farang tourists who are intent on treating ANY Thai girl as a hooker. I have no idea whether they are just incredibly rude or unbelievably ignorant. If you want to party in a hooker freezone, you have a reasonable choice in Bangkok but in a place like Phuket your options are decidely limited (and dont even think of stepping foot in Pattaya.)
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    Do you have Talent?

    I wasn't even aware Holland had a tunnel. all of holland is aware that *you* have a tunnel though.
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    Thai Jokes about farangs or non Thais

    another racist joke a thai told me the other day is also about indian people- she said that when they eat durian they throw away the middle and eat the outside. i'm spotting indian themes and fruit themes so far!! ain't thai humour grand!! :shock: :?
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    Feel my prostate? Eh!

    Just do it...and dont tell us about it when live to tell it... or maybe u can ask Joeska?
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    Cartier's Declaration. I'm not a big fan of citrus but this one smells really nice. Introduced to me by my ex and only years later that I got one of my own. Givenchy's Very Irresistable. Not a fan of the sexy scent either but love this one. Body Shop's special edition one. Don't remember the name even though I wear it all the time but it smells very much like chocolate. Then there're the Rose and Vanilla ones from L'Occitaine
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    Yup, the word is still in use a lot in Isaan but less so in Bangkok. I presume that is your point. I don't think "rad" is exactly the same as "slutty". I have translated it as "looking for some action". It's as much to do with the intention as the "look". These words are hard to translate between cultures and languages. ¹éÓ¹Ôè§äËÅÅÖ¡ literally is quite similar to the English phrase "still waters run deep". I don't think it's like "coquettish". For me it refers to a woman who is respectable and quiet and shy in her manner but might be more hotblooded and passionate underneath. It's not necessarily an insult at all, is it? I suppose submarines (regardless of color) flow quickly under the surface while leaving the waters above still and undisturbed....
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    Single meaning?

    Single to me means not being in a committed relationship. You could have a few giks but still not be in a relationship
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    But, she's like you great Zeus...super inner evil powers! (HOW CAN I COMPETE?)?
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    best song to get ya freak on?

    Okay, some people didn't really take to "I touch myself" so what about the Cocteau Twins, "Blind Dumb Deaf". Course it's got to be played at ear splitting levels!!!
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