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    Hello, everybody. My name is Nattaporn. I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I'm looking for the person who want to learn Thai. I can teach you but you should teach me English too.
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    I was beginning to think you wouldn't get back on that one.
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    Beau Urt

    Hi... I'm Newbie Here

    Hi everyone. I'm newbie here wanna know people and make new friends. I try to lean how to use this side. Nice to meet you guys!!
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    I'm japanese I want a Thai friend Please..
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    Hello everyone I'm half-Thai/Kiwi and I need a little help. I speak Thai (nearly fluently, is that even a thing?) but I can't read or write. This has made socialising with Thai people online a little tricky. I'm hoping to travel soon and I wanted to meet up with other halfies around the world to hear their stories. Thai people have reached every corner of the globe and I've always wondered how being brought up with Thai culture has effected them while living WITHIN other cultures. I know that my mother and her teachings have had a huge impact on me. If anybody has any sites/forums they cold link me too, I would be so thankful. Pornpaan <3
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    Hello, I wonder if all women want kids ? Anybody else has more interest in life but just having kids ? Do you all have kids because you want or because society wants ? I still wonder... Thank you for your insight <3
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    Hi everyone My name is Mawin 18 years old and i'm looking for foreigner friend to talk for practice my English and may be we could exchange our story for fun and relax P.s. i can help improve your Thai if u want If you're interesting please add Wechat>> mawinmawin19 or Line mawinmawin19 I'm looking forward to chat with you
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    Mymew Mew

    i want to meet new friend

    i want to meet new friend
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    Hi I am coming to Bangkok for 4 days in January from 4th to 8th January 2015 I want to go to all the temples markets and river side villages to take photos I would like to contact someone who is available to take me around and is able to show me the best places I have been to Thailand before on holiday but this time I want to photograph as much as possible I think a local girl is best as she would know to take me on bases and trains show me good places and bargain for me when I want to buy something some one who like photography would be fantastic you can email me and we can start talking so I can become friends before I come I am happy to pay for all the help email me and I will reply back
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    My name is Smita, I am looking for a friendship and something nice ..
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    Awesome Bob

    i want to meet new friend

    Hello new friend! How are you? Happy New Year!
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    Awesome Bob

    Happy New Year!

    I hope 2017 is a great year for you and your loved ones!
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    cha cha

    looking for friendship n love

    looking for friendship and love. LINE ID charliechew i am charlie from singapore ^.^ i love thailand
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    I do not want to make love game. Seriously I would like to think we can do love each other. ฉันไม่ต้องการที่จะทำให้เกมรัก อย่างจริงจังผมอยากจะคิดว่าเราสามารถทำรักกัน
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    And another one...http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/933051-dsd-to-promote-thailand-as-hub-of-elderly-aged-care/ The government really need someone to put a cap on all these hubs. They could sell it as a new initiative called the "Hub cap"
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    Wanna Have Some Foreign Friends

    Hi ! My name is Natchapol please call me Pat. I live in Bangkok and looking for friends to improve my english skill. I enjoy eating, drinking, travelling and hanging out so if you guys want some Thai friends please let me know. contact me : www.facebook.com/patnatchap / Line : np1k
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    Help Me

    I am Bangladeshi. I am currently living in Bangladesh. I would like to live in Thailand. Someone help me with this, I would have benefited.
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    Pls Halp!

    Im Thai . I'd like to practice Eng languest Pls Help
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    Pls Halp!

    pls contact me at email: [email protected] thanks a lot.
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    Could You Be My Friends?

    Hi all I am new comer to move in Thailand. I would like to be friends in here. Going lunch, dinner, drink, adventure. Giving value informations, topics, cool and fun things each other. I am ready to have fun for everything with all. Welcome to any age, any race, any religion. Let's fun to be with and learn our culture each other. i am sorry I am not good at English well. If you want to learn Japanese language, feel free to ask me.
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    Looking for Business partner without investment, infra structure to take orders for Garment accessories from China
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    Hello my name is Dr Kristiaan van den Vyver I start a few mounts ago a new business in Europe in the Benelux. Im looking for people that look for new life, good money minimal 50,000 Thai bath in one mount. until 1,000,000 Thai bath in one mount. Investment Nothing this is not joke i flight special to Thailand for explain to the people that want new en good life.(more freedom for there children) new car luxury life when you have intrest i want invite you en your friends to chaing mai on 27 september 2014 Bangkok on 28 september 2014 en Pattaya on 1 oktober 2014
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    Dona kus nun

    Hi New Friends

    hi friends can i'm know more friends from here
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    Hi, Me new here too.. So, saying HI to everyone here :-)
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    I Would Like To Know You :)

    Judging by the lack of response, you can probably see that this website doesn't really work any more. Years ago you would have had a string of welcomes, greetings and new friends already.
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    Philippine Tourism

    Want to visit the amazing islands of the Philippines? We are very much willing to give you the cheapest promo tour package. And our tour guides will ensure you to have a fun and exciting eperience of your life. For further inquiries, you may email us at [email protected] or simply by sending me a message.
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    my thai for your english

    hi i'm thai guy. want to practice english and willing to help you to improve thai your welcome anyone nice to meet u ps: in case you would find this post in next few years, please email me anyway at rongsawatpeach............. also in case i might not come back in this website.
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    My name is Benz. I'm Thai. I'm good taking care, I want to know the foreign in Chiangmai to make friends. For exchange some culture or knowing each other. I can speak English little bit but type quite good. I hope that will have anyone interest for join me. My line ID is 522110016 or facebook.
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    available lol

    available lol
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    Not really news but funny . . . While intoxicated in Thailand I had a guy paint me shooting an m-16 while riding a rhino. Possibly the best investment I've ever made! http://imgur.com/BRRigrN
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    Bangkok is the 61st most expensive city to live in. Not too far behind NYC. http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2014/03/04/shanghai-is-more-expensive-than-new-york/ I know people can eat for a buck or whatever and there are rooms you can rent for a few thousand baht per month but, really, when you look at western style accommodations and dining, this doesn't seem too far off.
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    William Heinecke penned the following below in an open letter in the Bangkok Post the other day. Mr. Heinecke is the CEO of a major Thailand-based tourism company. I wanted to respond. One does not need to be targeted to be harmed. I'm sure the two children who died in the Big-C bombing were not targeted. I know he wrote this before the Big-C bombing, and I'm not trying to sensationalize what I'm saying, but when violence continues to show a pattern of escalation, innocent bystanders can and do get hurt. Declaring Thailand safe because tourists are not targets is not doing anyone any service. Richard Barrow has been doing the same up until today too. All of his messages are that things are safe as long as you avoid protest areas. I'm glad that Mr. Barrow has finally decided to begin advising people that they may want to skip Bangkok. https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/status/438442149919457280 But "safe" is not binary. It is not black or white. Safe is relative. Safe is something you measure on a scale of 1 to 10. The ambassadors that Mr. Heinecke is trying to appeal to understand that because they work in security where threats and risks are measured on a scale. They issue travel advisories and travel warnings when risks rise above an acceptable level. If you read the US Embassy's travel warning for Thailand there is nothing said that is factually incorrect. http://bangkok.usembassy.gov/021414_thailand_travel_alert.html I've read similar advisories from other embassies and they all pretty much follow the same procedure. One also needs to keep in mind that his words appear alongside people cautioning about the outbreak of civil war or a bloody coup in Thailand. However likely or unlikely either of those scenarios are, the fact that locals are talking about the possibility of them happening doesn't really sound like what most people would consider to be a "perfectly safe" place to travel to. That's a debatable statement that Mr. Heinecke provides no proof for. How is a advisory that is factually correct unnecessarily severe? If Mr. Heinecke disputes the facts contained in the travel advisories then he should stick with those facts and ask that the embassies revise their advisories to be more factually correct. While it's unfortunate that many Thais have been impacted by the political unrest going on, tourism is not an entitlement. Nobody should be duped into taking risks they are not willing to take just so the local people in Thailand don't suffer any financial hardship. If someone is uncomfortable with the level of risk in Thailand right now, that is their prerogative and it would be much more comforting if people like Mr. Heinecke understood and addressed their reservations rather than trying to downplay the risks. This is like saying that I should buy an inferior product because the people who make it will suffer financial hardship if I don't. Mr. Heinecke seems to misunderstand the first rule of salesmanship, it's not about what you want, it's about what the customer wants. I think it's also worth pointing out that when tourism is doing well in Thailand, tourists aren't cut many breaks. Weren't Thai authorities recently considering a 500 baht tourist tax? The difference, Mr. Heincke, is that demonstrations like the ones happening in Bangkok are unlikely in Washington or Paris. I'm pretty sure there's a protest in Washington at least every day. Same with London, Frankfurt, or Paris. But, protestors rarely get into gun battles with police. They rarely plant bombs. They rarely throw grenades or explosives into crowds. Protests are rarely moving mobs of people who pop up here and there and thus are unpredictable in terms of where the protest areas are. The bottom line is that demonstrations in Washington and Paris are fairly tame in comparison even if the passions are equal. Police in most western countries are well trained and no demonstration would go on for the length of time the protests in Bangkok have been going on. Protesters would not be allowed to dig in and create an entire support infrastructure (food, sanitation, etc) so they can protest indefinitely. Just like when the Yellow Shirts took over the airport years back. I can't think of a single western country that wouldn't have brought that situation to a close and restored airport operations in a few hours. And that's why Bangkok can't be compared to western countries. The governmental institutions that ensure an orderly society are not on par with western countries. When protesters, yellow or red, can take over major parts of a city for weeks or months on end and the police and the military sit back and do nothing, can they be relied on to protect innocent tourists who may find themselves in a dangerous situation? Those conditions mean that the government has lost control of those areas. Should something happen to a tourist, the government can do nothing to help them. The protestors control entire sections of the city. I've been in Thailand for both the yellow shirt protests (when they captured the airport) and the red shirt protests in 2010. I lived in an area (Ratchaprasong) that was completely under red shirt control. There were no police. There were no emergency services. I had to pass through checkpoints, armed by red shirt guards, to get back to my apartment every night. This simply would not happen, nor be tolerated in Washington or Paris. To make the comparison is to utterly misunderstand why the embassies have issued travel advisories. Specific areas that change frequently. http://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/396181/an-open-letter-to-ambassadors-based-in-bangkok.
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    First Time Visitor

    I hope to visit Bankok and Pattaya during next month. Can someone point me to useful information for a fisrt time traveler to Thailand?
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    As long as they don't create separate bathrooms for all 50.
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    I'm pretty sure all women lower their standards to marry us :-)
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    Welcome back. How have you been?
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    Just wondering if anyone going to asia fitness convention in Bangkok in October.
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    Hello all :)

    Hi, I'm just curious to know what was your inspiration to learn Thai ?
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    Hi all. I enrolled onto this site because I'd like to find someone that is Fluent in Thai that would not mind helping me over Skype with my pronunciation and fluency. As I have just started an online class, but I figure it might be a while to find someone. I am of course willing to help any Thais that would like time to practice English as well or answer questions on grammar, spelling, slang, etc. Feel free to message me anytime, --Pitts
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    Incident Report

    Hey, that's where I live! *sent from my shiny 2nd hand laptop*
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    Steet food - do you eat it?

    Street food is some of the best food in Thailand! Every time I go to Thailand I eat street food. I have only gotten sick 2 times in Thailand and it was when I ate food at the beach. I just got back from Krabi and I got sick a little bit from eating fish that wasn't cooked enough. Never had a problem eating street food in Bangkok!
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    this is a sad thing about Thailand but it's true
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    After a two-month test of high-tech cameras on two expressways just outside Bangkok, police this week have begun citing motorists caught speeding by the devices. Don’t go too fast on expressway | Bangkok Post: breakingnews
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    They do everything to cash in on you. If you drove 80, they'll tell you it was 95 on their records.
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    So many Thai students believe that cheating is a way of life. If they get caught, it's funny and nothing happens. If someone got caught cheating when I was growing up, it was quite serious. Parents called, possible suspension from school, etc. The fact that the teachers are cheating in Thailand doesn't surprise me at all.
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    Silly..... that is not what you said (offered) in the second post of this thread.... maybe since English is my native language - I am misunderstanding :rolleyes:
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