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    Hello, everybody. My name is Nattaporn. I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I'm looking for the person who want to learn Thai. I can teach you but you should teach me English too.
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    Hi everyone. I'm newbie here wanna know people and make new friends. I try to lean how to use this side. Nice to meet you guys!!
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    I'm 18 and my husband is 69. Believe me, I'm not with him.
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    Love your post Bill. Too bad I haven't got reputation points enough to give you. and I totally agree with Johnno. As long as PeeThai keep our mouth shut every time we see something wrong, that means the wrong will continue. Pity! There was a Thai saying "ชั่วชังชี ดีชั่งพระ" (never mind an immoral nun, never mind a good monk). Basically "Thai" teach "Thai" not to give a **** to whatever other people do. I really want to know who the hack started this saying because it's totally wrong. See what happening in Thailand....shame!! After this article of Voranai, he's got himself another Thai fan.
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    Hi I am coming to Bangkok for 4 days in January from 4th to 8th January 2015 I want to go to all the temples markets and river side villages to take photos I would like to contact someone who is available to take me around and is able to show me the best places I have been to Thailand before on holiday but this time I want to photograph as much as possible I think a local girl is best as she would know to take me on bases and trains show me good places and bargain for me when I want to buy something some one who like photography would be fantastic you can email me and we can start talking so I can become friends before I come I am happy to pay for all the help email me and I will reply back
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    Im Thai . I'd like to practice Eng languest Pls Help
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    Judging by the lack of response, you can probably see that this website doesn't really work any more. Years ago you would have had a string of welcomes, greetings and new friends already.
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    My name is Benz. I'm Thai. I'm good taking care, I want to know the foreign in Chiangmai to make friends. For exchange some culture or knowing each other. I can speak English little bit but type quite good. I hope that will have anyone interest for join me. My line ID is 522110016 or facebook.
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    So many Thai students believe that cheating is a way of life. If they get caught, it's funny and nothing happens. If someone got caught cheating when I was growing up, it was quite serious. Parents called, possible suspension from school, etc. The fact that the teachers are cheating in Thailand doesn't surprise me at all.
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    What would you prefer ? A partner who is a perfect Loverbut you can not really talk 2 Or A Partner Whoul you can Talk to and listens to you, but bad sex
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    Most embarresing? Must been that time in India 20 years ago, when i met a beautiful girl and managed to get her to my hotel. "Doing the deed", and just in the middle of my climax, the famous stomach rumble cums, and i **** all over the bed. It was the only date we had, and in the morning, i paid the hotelmaid a good sum to clean my **** and the girls womit from the bed....
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    Well Im 29 and my husband 59, believe me Im not with him for his money, because he dont have any...but I love him for what he is, a kind gentle, loving man.
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    I paid a visit to his farm recently and it was heaving with Thai families out for the day. I didn't know anything about Jim Thompson until I read up about the farm. Anyway, its well worth a visit if you are ever up Korat way.
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    This CDC place is where I can get the cushions made Neung?
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    Agree with Dave totally. First date (or three) should be on neutral territory. If there is a relationship from this, then he has loads of time to show off his Gordon Ramsay skills (sans profanity) : )
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    Just pointing out MORE evidence of your stupidity - no ulterior motive. Again with the gay jokes? Haven't you understood all the previous comments on this? Old man? lol You're 7 years younger than me... just 84 months. It always makes me laugh when people try to claim being younger as an achievement. Congratulations... You were born. So was everyone else. And you act like being gay is an achievement. Well, it's not. You were born gay. It's not a talent. And if being gay was optional, I wouldn't choose it...
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    For someone who claims a University education (an online one perhaps? Or a degree that qualifies you to ask people if they want to 'supersize their meal') you do come across as particularly stupid. You quote and link to non scientific websites with all the credibility of Sarah Palin on meth. Man has been on Earth for around 200-250,000 years. The Earth is around 4.5 Billion years old (so still around 1.5 billion years from the estimated half way point of the sun's life). We are nothing but a dust speck on this planet's history. That 200-25000 years has seen ice ages, volcanic eruptions that make even the worst one of the modern era seem like a barbecue, earthquakes of unimaginable intensity, meteorite strikes, tsunamis etc etc etc. Our weather cycles and tectonic activity has been fairly stable since the last mini ice age. The recent (and still to come) natural disasters are exactly that; natural...and cyclical. The most likely, and cataclysmic, natural disaster waiting to happen is Yellowstone. Depending on which group of scientists you listen to, an eruption is anywhere between 40,000 years overdue, or could happen sometime in the next 20,000. The San Andreas fault having a major 'event' is also another possibility, and again one that could be cataclysmic. But both natural; non occult based, non alien influence, non government plot, non party of the Elves, non Illuminati ordered. While on the micro scale any natural disaster that results in loss of life is tragic, on the macro scale of Earth history, geology and the bigger picture (by this I mean, some form of die back of our own species may be advantageous) they are nothing; inconsequential and have little meaning. I am sure that had you been a peasant in the middle ages (and sure you would have been a revolting peasant.) you would have had garlic on your door frame, held up the sign of the horned god to ward off evil and would have accused poor old Mother Lumpjaw of being a witch and made sure she was thoroughly burnt at the stake. But this is the age of science and information. And unfortunately, as with anything of progress, you will have the doubters, the unbelievers and the just plain stupid. Please return to your village asap; it's really missing its idiot.
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    14 pens that dont work, loads of old receipts, MT air freshner bottles, Broken wheel lock nut, crushed Coca Cola can, Old out of date Melbourne road map (Yr 2000) $37.65 in coins, and a kids toy, now don't ask me how that got there ??
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    How would you form the correct question tag for the following phrase: "I hope there are no more long texts, .." Would it be: a) arent there ? or arent they ? Thanks for the answer. I would definitely tend to a), as it refers to "texts".
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    That's comforting. I'll sleep with one eye open :-) I'll second what LG said. In every murder investigation the very first people the police try to eliminate as potential suspects are friends, family, boy/girlfriends, co-workers, etc. A large percentage of murders are not random acts of violence by a random deranged maniac. They're usually someone the victim knew. Here's a little bit I pulled from a site posting some stats on murders: Although it would be better if they could define the other 43.9% of cases, in general, you're more likely to be killed by someone in your own family than you are by a total stranger.
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    Almost every thread I go now (is it just me that's thinking this way?), the same story is happening and happening and happening... Dear Admins, please bring in the peacemakers for the boys... How long is this going to go on...
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    I have spent my whole life working in the most hard core jobs. US Special Forces, Body Guard to rich and famous and now Private Security in the Middle East. I would like to state after all I have been through and all the training I have, I am not sure if I would have to balls to do this. Point this man out and I will buy him a few beers.
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    You could probably get one of those in Thailand for the same price as a 99 in the UK.
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    we don't have much gangster or mob in thailand cause the police don't like competition.
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    I love this thread so much, I'm changing my signature.
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    ma rub lek na ja. one rtid means "Rub my leg, one time" You been getting messages from ladyboys in Soi Cowboy again? :wink:
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    When the 30 baht scheme was implemented there was a Dr pushing for free government sponsored healthcare. Thaksin took the idea and promised 30 baht health care, but never made any attempt to finance it. It didn't have to work, it was just another way to get votes. If anything the 30 baht scheme has forced good Dr's out of the public hospitals due to lack of finance for the project. The dems' 12 year free education policy could be a good thing. I'm guessing Phea Thai will claim it was their idea.
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    I will be creating a t shirt for bangkok pool league. It will include logo of all teams or bar in the bangkok pool league. I already have the logo to most of the larger bar, but I need logo to the smaller one. Captains, please email them to me. BTW, Thailandfriends will also be featured in the T- shirt. Any other company thinking of sponsoring, please contact me.
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    à ¾×èù¡ÃÃà ·ÂÃѹÇèÒ "äÃé˹Öè§à ÃÔ§¹Õèà ÊÕªҵÔà ¡Ô´ÃÒà »ç¹¼ÙéË­Ô§äÃèÊǫèÃÔ§" Translation My Krateoy friends told me, Neung you shouldn't born to be a girl... cuz you are ugly" (They mean when I compare with those Tiffany girls) Ouch!! that hurts!!
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    Not always.. Size DOES matter..
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    surely a 'happy period' is a contradiction in terms?? :twisted:
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    and for da ladies... http://inventorspot.com/security_system :shock:
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    How to install your own security system - pretty cheap, too!! HOW TO INSTALL A HOME SECURITY SYSTEM 1. Go to a secondhand store and buy a pair of men's used size 14-16 work boots. 2. Place them on your front porch, along with a copy of Guns & Ammo Magazine. 3. Put a few giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazines. 4 Leave a note on your door that reads: "Bubba, Bertha, Duke, Slim, & I went for more ammo and beer. Be back in an hour. Don't mess with the pit bulls; they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up bad. I don't think Killer took part, but it was hard to tell from all the blood. Anyway, I locked all four of 'em in the house. Better wait outside. Be right back. Cooter"
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    I really am wondering where da heck he is. He said he got a nurse staying in his room as he WAS ILL :twisted:
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    Usually when Grezzzy and I are not in the same apartment (ie. I am in HKG or elsewhere and she is at home) I get to lie on the bed and sleep...perchance to dream... BUT... If the lady of the house is in I usually get a lot of practice trying NOT to fall OUT of the bed! Why is it that a double, queen or king size bed is not wide enough for a petite Thai girl who weighs in at about 42Kg dripping wet? I end up with a strip of bed on which I balance, that is JUST wide enough as long as I sleep dead straight and on my SIDE! ...but thats while sleeping... We also have all our "kids" on the bed...the stuffed toys that keep Grezzzy company while I am away...not to metion the occassional pile of unironed washing...
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    It depends if it's done with class. There's a very fine line between sexy and slutty.
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    That feeling toward that girl has always happen to most of thai women facing the situation like this. I used to sit in the same dinner table of ex-bar lady at the 'upper-level' restaurant on Sukhumvit. Seemed she was not enjoyed foods infront of her much as she was busied to find out which bar i came from.. :roll: I didnt do anything insulting her. We were both working girls just a BIT diffirent carreer path..
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    another racist joke a thai told me the other day is also about indian people- she said that when they eat durian they throw away the middle and eat the outside. i'm spotting indian themes and fruit themes so far!! ain't thai humour grand!! :shock: :?
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    me.... took two pills last night will take more tonight :wink:
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    Lie - saying/writing untrue statement Cheat - the action of behaving dishonestly lying is a sub-category of cheating?? or is it vice versa.. ?? like bread and butter, You can't cheat without being a liar. if you lie, you cheat (your ownself)
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    It doesn't mean not single ..hehe.. chat in relation or phone in relation .. or TF in relation?? If he still there .. you're still single na kha Be brave!! agree with ya P tal.
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    :shock: Dam and I thought we had a police state growing here in the USA Seems there are restraints in mind for us all. arrrrg
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    actually there is a fountain at pfizer headquarters.... employees refer to it as viagra falls... true.
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    First of all I feel like you're talking about me here! This sounds like my own experience but anyway its only been 2 months not 3 years and i havent actually dated anyone tho i just cant OK lets not talk about *first love* but *true love* instead. personally I do have a strong passionate feeling for my you know who but something happened and its just like we cant be together just for now. as always im still waiting for him to come back to me. :roll: alright, i'd say that in her mind she still always and perhaps forever thinks that it could have been *true love*. shes probably still thinking what if she didnt catch him having sex with another girl thing would have been better and hes probably still with her and they would live happily ever after. u know when u actually found someone u really love and feel like damn hes/shes the one for me, its really really hard for you esp women forget about all wonderful feeling and speacial time u two have shared. everybody needs time i know that for sure. so ok her heart, as u say, is probably seal closed by now. but it would take times till she could get over it. it may take year but that depends on her. she gotta learn and find out herself that life goes on and there're still loadsa ppl out there caring for her so much. trust me no matter what u say to her like hey why cant u .. that why cant u .. this.. it wouldnt help unless she realizes that herself. I believe that everyone has a soulmate somewhere out there. Destiny would lead him/her to you. It might sound crazy but seriously its true. maybe u should buy her a DVD of a movie called "serendipity"
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    personally Im a farangaholic lol I really am hver, for some reasons many thai girls dont like farang : - they think its different to communicate with farang cos they could probably interpret wrong meaning or misunderstand what her farang says. - they think all farangs need sex for all the time. i mean some of them might go out with farang but then they gotta break up cos some girls dont wanna have sex. - its easier to understand thai guyz cos we speak same language based on same culture. - some considers are ugly lol like too white or too blonde - some farangs are really difficult to understand what they think or why the hack they do such a thing. (never happen to me tho : P) I dunno thats all i can think of at the moment. and I absolutely dont agree that its not truth, 95% of my friends dont wanna have a farang bf : p