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    Hello, everybody. My name is Nattaporn. I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I'm looking for the person who want to learn Thai. I can teach you but you should teach me English too.
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    My name is Smita, I am looking for a friendship and something nice ..
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    I hope 2017 is a great year for you and your loved ones!
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    looking for friendship and love. LINE ID charliechew i am charlie from singapore ^.^ i love thailand
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    I do not want to make love game. Seriously I would like to think we can do love each other. ฉันไม่ต้องการที่จะทำให้เกมรัก อย่างจริงจังผมอยากจะคิดว่าเราสามารถทำรักกัน
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    And another one...http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/933051-dsd-to-promote-thailand-as-hub-of-elderly-aged-care/ The government really need someone to put a cap on all these hubs. They could sell it as a new initiative called the "Hub cap"
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    Hi ! My name is Natchapol please call me Pat. I live in Bangkok and looking for friends to improve my english skill. I enjoy eating, drinking, travelling and hanging out so if you guys want some Thai friends please let me know. contact me : www.facebook.com/patnatchap / Line : np1k
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