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Captains Meeting


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  • 2 weeks later...

Results from the captains meeting from Mark:

"As is usually the case, I have had to make some last-minute changes to the schedule. I will notify all of the teams involved before play begins tonight for 8-Ball and on Wednesday for 9-Ball. The schedules on this site have already been changed to reflect these changes. Please use this schedule until I can get around to everyone to deliver the revised ones.

8-BALL: The changes involve only 3 matches for week 1 : HUSTLERS is home against CHO CHO BAR A; OASIS 1 is home against SPORTS ACADEMY; and PICKLED LIVER is home against NEW WAVE. All other games remain as they are on the existing schedule, and the new schedules will be distributed well before week 2. (See Michael's post below for the week 1 schedule)

9-BALL: We have added 2 more teams to the 9-Ball list, bringing the total up to 40. 71 Pool Bar will play in the Red Division, and Easy Pub will play in the Green Division. The Old Other Office opted out of 9-Ball and will be replaced by Players B in the Orange Division. There will no longer be any friendlies, and all matches will count toward the standings. There are 5 changes for week 1. They are: HILLARY BAR will be playing at home against 71 POOL BAR; PLAYERS B will be playing at home against MASH BAR A; SPORT 20-2(EAST) will be playing at home against BANGKOK ROCKS; HIDEAWAY (JACK) will be playing at home against TARGET; and CRYSTAL LOUNGE will be playing at home against EASY PUB. All other matches remain the same. "

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