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Johnny walker black lebel in Delhi airport


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In our Travellers group, there was a question coming up that up to now nobody could answer. So I'd like to carry it out to the broad public, also to those not reading group messages:

Anybody know if they have a duty free shop where I can buy Johnny Walker black label in Terminal T3, Arrival in Delhi airport???

Answers here,

there: http://www.thailandfriends.com/group.php?discussionid=89&do=discuss

or to http://www.thailandfriends.com/member.php/14397-HappyWanderer


Hey, there are a lot of Indian members out there - now you can earn reputation points ;)

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I was told at the duty free in Cambodia that Scottish whisky was shite and to opt for Singapore's finest.

By the way i bet you now get 1001 PM's offering you're group cheap suits at 199$ including 3 pants, two shirts, one tie and a wank!

Well, as it is not my request, suits, pants, ties and wanks would not work ;). But if all of this except for the wank comes with a bottle of JW Black, maybe there is a possibility for our tailors to get a deal... ;)

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