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Looking For New Friends Who Speaks English


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i haven't read the novel before. But i can say japan nowadays is completely diffrent from edo era, no samurai, no ninjya, no daimyo and no seppuku!

But it's good to accurate the national character by its history. i recommend you to read japanese historical fiction novel written by japanese author too("Bushido" by Eiji yoshikawa, "Musashi Miyamoto" by Inazo Nitobe and etc..) maybe you've already read them though:)

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I am not as unwitting to assume that Japanese men will commit harakiri upon their failure of duties in the office, but I did read that there is a above average suicide rate by people who succumb to social pressures. What I meant more about Japanese cultures are more along the lines the gender roles and the social casts. I have been to Japan but to just visit as a tourist it would be impossible to get answers to these questions. Japanese are very private people, and politely bow out of any topic they find uncomfortable. In the novels a Samurai can cut down a peasant who may have been rude to him without repercussion, to what extent do those of samurai ancestry relate to those of whose family may have been farmers? In the novel, in ancient Japan sex was looked upon as healthy and there was not as much taboo associated with it as in western culture. It seemed normal for high borne man to have a wife and a mistress. In modern Japanese society how do women view their role as wife, sexual partner and how do they look upon the mistress?

Thank you for the suggestions. I will take a look at Bushido and Musashi Miyamoto. :D

I apologise if my questions are offensive they do go deeply into the territory that may not be the most comfortable topic for Japanese. Do not feel pressure to answer them if they cause you discomfort.

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