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Hooo men it s great relaxing godd vibrations good people i got an advice rent a moto 200cc at least in chiang mai and drvie by yourself you can make many stop on the road and it s just one more beautiful area of thailand!!

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I used to love it a few years ago..(before it started to be a commercialized town). Now it's just like any tourist attractions. Still, you can find beautifully landscaped gardens sprawl with lush rice paddies, healthy buffalo, not-yet-spoilt waterfalls, etc. Afraid it would change a lot in the next 10 years tho :) I'd recommend you to visit during the winter time... *thinking about sipping hot coffee in thick fog*

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I've been there 4 years ago and I really loved it. One of my favorite place in Thailand so far ;)

Actually there's nothing much to do in Pai, but it just feels so good!!!!!

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Now is a good time to go to Pai, low season not so many farangs. Also, the road to from Pai to Mae Hong Song is a nice drive, many scenic parks along the way.

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