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if it was not plastic, then it would be fine ( if a fast draughted beer is needed such as in clubs and discos). These are single-use mugs, arent they ? All in all not really sustainable, but a good idea worth working it over

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That's awesome...but how does a simple plastic cup open and then re-seal so easily? This was a great comment:

"I can make a few dozen educated guesses at how that machine works. I can apply logic, rationality, basic engineering concepts and yet I keep reaching the same conclusion. It's magic."

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Excellent technology for sporting events.

As to the sustainability of the cups, assuming that they use a plastic with similar waste-stream characteristics to that which is already in use, there's no difference.

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Those of you that like getting it from the bottom, well that's your preference I suppose.

I prefer it on top myself, never from the bottom, thats just sick....

If its reusable then its disgusting. The last swallow of beer in a glass is spit, and if you place a used cup on the machine the spit is shared with everyone.

I guess I'll stick to Bottles of beer and RED wine.

Notice the red stopper in the plastic glasses or am I imagining that?

Maybe its magic....

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