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it works better than Vista but still at the moment it is still in RC IMHO it wil do just as well as XP in the long run. And since it leaves out the bulk that Vista had it will run on oldersystems so

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Tried the candidate version for a couple of weeks... mmmhhh, the interaface is a bit to similar to Vista (which I hate), but some aspect was better... sadly at that time not all the drivers were avaiable and one missing was the one for my screen, so I could not appreciate the experience 100 % and after 2 weeks I went back to my old OS...

It can't be worst than Vista anyway.... MAC MAC MAC??? I work near a Mac resellers, and I will never buy one of their computers.... never!!

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<<WIFI connects fast which i like, shut down is faster but start up is painful. >>

I remeber when it was first announced that Microsoft was working on a new OS and they would have soon released a beta version; they were claiming that the startup would have take around 30 seconds... as you can imagine it is not the case ;)

Using software that wont run properly on a MAC OS, I've never been a fan of apple computers... And now it will take too much time to get used to them anyway

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