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lol...just to confirm that i'm living in the country that is cold enough to wear 2 layers of leather pants but then i'm not looking for any.

we sorta just bumped into that ebay page by accident, while searching for other leather stuff.


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He sold them for a pretty good price, too, considering the age of the pants. Yeah, his description was pretty amusing!

Too bad they're sold, and the right size too! Don't you think I'd look dashing in leather pants? LOL

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OH? And what exactly was that "other leather stuff" you two were looking for n'Jane? I think eBay has a policy against selling that sort of stuff online. You won't even find leather underwear on eBay, it's against the rules.

I saw that post just recently too. My friend Blair sent me a link to it. I'm not sure how he found it. Maybe he was looking for leather pants because he has a new gf.

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LMAO!! i almost cried when reading this following :

"I am not a member of Queen.

I do not like motorcycles.

I am not Rod Stewart.

I am not French.

I do not cruise for transvestites in an expensive sports car"

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