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    Whitelotus is asking for it!!!!

    my friend told me that CiranM told her too!
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    Whitelotus is asking for it!!!!

    Dear Khun Whitelotus, I know it's none of my business to say this. From what I have seen the fighthing between you and EB and the others for a while... I'm not sure how long I have been on and off TF, I know some good ppl here and yes bad ppl as well... So I think I have experience enough to tell you. Once I got personal attack from a girls gang on TF they made fun about me called me as an half animal, they exchanged messages through their testimonials. So I foght back through the TF forum. No one on my side, ppl said I called for the cat fighting. Then I think why I wasted my time around here to fight for nothing. My dignity is still in myself no one can step on it cuz I KNOW WHO I AM. I don't wanna compare my case with your case. So many time I see ppl make jokes around, they said and done something which I think "If my friends or family hear this they will get punch at their faces (literture way). I stay long enough to see oh it's just normal for them to say. May be bad joke for us but good joke for them. People are difference kha. You just open your mind, and for something you can forgive just forgive them, for something you should drop just drop it. You will get nothing to win this believe me. Getting friends is better than getting enemies. Please take my message as a friendly advice. Neung
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    Whitelotus is asking for it!!!!

    And you never will be like me ! I thought I don’t want to speak,But It’s my time now.How well you know me? and in which sentence that Teila ,Me or Kunny Humble?,let's say we left the comments appropriate in each posts.We might be right or wrong it’s doesn’t matter as long as we not insult anybody .We have our dignity in the good way which i think you should realize that why peoples hates you.Before i poor you white.But for now girl you deserved it.You went to EB 2-3 posts and just attacked him like that,he still calmed ,but you never stop your bad behave don't you?Is is too hard to say something like a human talk?Why the peoples they don't hates all the peoples ,why they hates you because you acts like this,You said you fight for your right.Yehh but no one care,Me too! Before remember? They attacked you that time,I tried to stop you and them.They might think oh it's the time not because of what i said they have their own brains, opinions and they limits and perhaps talked with you or explain to you,it’s wasted their times. Bd did in whatever is you in his idea.This website is open for everything,what you get it's what you have done before ,you go on and excuse yourself and no one give a dam to you.They tried to explain but you just not listen then You deserve it. Whenever you open your loud mouth and insults peoples who you hates or against them in whatever they posts.Mean You love only yourself and you think your opinion is so dammm right.Oh well My English not that good but I am sure it’s good more than you about understand the meaning of peoples and life,I think right too and I think wrong many times and I learn from the mistake ,But I am sure the person like you don’t want to learn and never will.I always apologize if I done wrong ,I have my dignity and my pride which you never know how high is it more than you can imagine but I respect peoples and I don’t need to tell or announcement to everybody how pride of myself am I and how much dignity I have,which you had none,I sure do know my self who am I,Nobody perfect but we can make us the best as we could.The Dignity of you,whenever you open your mouth your dignity gone in each word you said. PS: Yes I humble in the right way and the right time.Which you never have and never will.
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