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How to record sound files on a pc?

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I have to record voice on my laptop Asus S6, and I get a very strong side noise.

Does this depend on my audio card, my mike or my software?

I use Audacity as software, there is no side noise with Windows sound recorder, but this software can only handle sort time files :P

What can I do??



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It depends on what "side noise" your are talking about. Is it atmospheric sounds that are getting recorded that you dont want? If you are recording in a quiet environment but are getting his, you may have your have your recording settings to high.

If you are recording in a place with lots of noise then you could be using the wrong type of mic,

Gathering from the pics of the S6 it has a dual port for mic and headphones, so I assume you are using a headset which has an inline mic. Also, you said that your previous software didnt have any "side" noise. Try using the filters in Audacity and see any of them can get rid of that hum or hiss.

I dont use Audacity but I found this site that may be able to help.


hope this helps.

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