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First ever TF bikini competition

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I thinking about Admin on Bikini... :D

at same time as thinking about cake??? :wink: :lol:

no one can eat that cake!

I do hope we get in a few contestants so that this contest will actually occur. C'mon ladies...I know you have some bikini shots in your laptops!

unfortunately my hard disc broke. Now even if i want to enter i can't. :roll:

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can i vote for missjira twice? lol

I'm gonna be sick... :shock:

we all got our own taste dont we mate?

You must remember that some people have no taste....

Now Iain, results please? :)

Yes where is that witty Scot whathisname? Is he tied up or what?

If I had submitted a bikini pic for this comp. then I would be a more than a little concerned that the guy has seemingly disappeared somewhere..........

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