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Bangkok Food


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Interesting question.

I've had food poisoning 4 times within my 8 years of living full-time in Thailand. I'm talking about serious food poisoning where you can't hold down anything, and your anus turns into a Hawaiian volcano. Many foreigners get an upset stomach along with loose bowel movements when they visit Thailand. I'd say that "most" get that, but most of my friends also drink shitloads of beer as well so I have a pretty shitty view of it all.

Mind you, one of the times that I got violently ill was after eating a meal at McDonalds in Bangkok. Another time was definitely from street food (BBQ chicken on the street). The other times...can't remember. They all sucked equally.

Thais aren't as anal (pun intended) as westerners are about cleanliness. It's both good and bad. You probably know the phrase "mai pben rai" already, which directly translates to something like "it doesn't matter." They do that shit with food all the time. Dirty street cat sits where they chop the meat and vegetables, "Hahaha, mai pben rai!" Thais think about the now (cat is happy) more than the future (people get sick).

Just start slowly. Have street food once every few days, get comfortable with a couple of stalls, and eat indoors most of the time. That being said, the Thai street food is one of the top reasons why I love Thailand. You can get a great dish of food for one US dollar. The more fun thing is to go out with 2 or more friends and order 3+ plates...everyone shares (in the food at least, not the bill), and you get to try a lot of different flavors.

As for naming specific street food places around that nana area...they are all decent. When I'm in that specific area, however, I prefer to get western food. Ratchada has much better Thai food @ Thai prices.

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