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About 7-8 years back, when I went to Bangkok, we (friends ) pickedup ladies from places called Lady Homes. This used to cost us less than picking bar girls.

Would like to ask that are Lady Homes still open ? And if yes, from where one can get addresses in Bangkok? (will the Taxi Drivers be knowing of these places).

After LMFAO......I realised that this guy must be one of the famous ''quality tourists'' that Khun Thaksin has been so keen to atttract...

Guess ''quality tourist'' is just a euphemism for cheap-arse sex tourist......

Same fun - less cost......I thought single guys from India, China, Korea and the former Soviet States were over here to see temples, village dancing and other cultural icons.......

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No explaination for this guy.......

If i am not wrong....Some weeks ago I have seen his thread as Looking for women who would like to spend their time with him and his friends ....

Now he's gonna change his mind Cause couldn't find any women to shag?..Huh!

Yes without someone to tell him he will have a hard time finding girls in Thailand who will sell themselfs to him :shock: well he must be what we call a dufus :lol:

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