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[[[Birthday Tour]]] To Koh Kred

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Birthday Tour To Koh Kred

Actually my birthday is 2 of April but in Koh Kred open shops only Sat-Sun.

I wanna make trip to go back to where i live since i was born until 8 years old on 1st April 2007

I think some of you would like to join.


Koh Kred (Kred Island)

Koh Kred is a tiny island in the Chao Phraya River, located in Nonthaburi Province,

only 30-45 minutes drive from Bangkok. On this island live a community of craftmen famous for their distinctive style of pottery which dates

back many centuries.

The potteries are known for their fine, red-black glazed surface and intricate design. They are all hand-made piece-by-piece and you can see the process.

People live on Koh Kred and nearby are the descendants

of the Mon people (But i'm not Mon people LOL :lol: ), and they have managed to retain the skills of their forefathers.

(Thanks to www.bangkoksite.com for details about Koh Kred :)




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-- Here is more Info --

First, I want some opinions from you all who will join me that what special thing that you want to do on this trip??

For Example :

- Ride a bicycle around the island, the cost of a bicycle for rent is 40 bath no time limited


- Trip on the boat around koh kred. Stop 4-5 places. The cost depends on how many people.

10-15 people about 600-800 bath for 1.5 - 2 hours





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..I ve been there once and took boat.. dropped nice and exotic places .. many good desserts to buy.. and i can go again..lolz

I want to join this event very much.. but busy with family stuff as its school break..

many good desserts to buy and eat, yesssssssss aroi mak mak........bring your family with you si ja hehehehe :P

WoW WoW WoW :P

wow wow wow...Don't forget to come na





I'm going to bed soon....more info tomorrow naja

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Do the bikes have a holder for Singha bottles?

You can put any crate of Singha on the seat back of your bike..Wish you can bring its for me na lol :twisted:

Hey!! Dont get mao while we walk na. I couldn't carry you to home!!

i wanna join you guys

ma naja :P

I've never been there b4 and i'd love to... :)

but i have to pick up my friend at the airport so i guess i cant make it :S

anyway, have fun


Thanks ja if you change plan. you can join na.

Looks very inviting. great place.

Lots of local information.

Very good post. I like

I send you Birthday greeting on 2nd April ok I won't forget.

Have nice day. :D

Thank you very much for the card....I wish you could join :)





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More *UPDATE* The Places that we will go to visit.

Wat Poramai-yikawat

This temple constructed in Mon style architecture, was built about 200 years ago. In 1873 King Rama V visited the temple and ordered

the renovation and later on reconstruction of the main temple.The main attractions are a large reclining Buddha, mural paintings, a Mon style marble carved pagoda

Museum at Wat Poramai-yikawat

A small museum, full of interesting collections, is located

near the main temple. Photo taking is allowed here.


The villagers produce Mon style pottery

One village where a 200-year-old tradition continues is "Kwan Arman"

Earthenware water jars have been used in Kingdom from before the Ayutthaya period to store and keep rainwater cool. That jars are strikingly similar to those produced centuries ago. Made from clay once sourced locally, but now brought in from Phathum Thani, they are carefully incised by hand with ornate decorations. Each jar is capped with a distinctive pointed lid, shaped like the temple chedis so prominent in Buddhist society. To promote evaporation and thus cooling, the goundshaped jars are left unglazed and placed on raised perforated stands to encourage air circulation. Recently, a museum was opened on the island which houses an impressive collection of beautifuuly made jars, some dating back to the time of the arrival of the Mons.


Pottery6B.JPGKohKret112.JPGThe Ancient Kiln

Quick, fluid movements and strength ensure that the clay rises from the wheel head and is skillfully shaped into bowls. The entire process -- from lump of clay to shaped pot -- takes just over a minute. A thrower here can produce between 300 and 700 pots a day depending on the size, a truly impressive combination of expertise and stamina.

Wat Pailom

Wat Pilom is another old temple which was constructed during the late Ayutthaya period. It has beautiful architecture and located not far from Wat Poramaiyikawat


Homemade Desserts Centre

Traditional Thai desserts are made by local people here. Visitors can only come to this place by boat and especially during the week-end there are demonstrations on the actual making of desserts. Lunch is also served here with the seating capacity of about 300-400 people





(Thanks www.geocities.com , www.bangkoksite.com for details :) )

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Have money loan in Kho kred ? I think I must pay a lot of my money around dessert in that island sure lol :lol:

mai pang >> not too expensive as you think jaa... 3 packs for 100 Bht. Only! :lol:

not too expensive jaaaa. If you're not going to buy all things that they have!!! :lol:

¶éÒäÃèä»àËÃÒà¤éÒÃèùà ÃÔÃÔ





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Hi again :lol:

I decided to pick you all at the victory monument because i think some of you don't know how to get there

Is that good??




just as a thought .... there's about 17 signed up for the event ... how are we supposed to get there ? bus ? mini-van ? taxi or what ?

BTW .... Stevie ... i see ur designated as pub finder ... good to see such an important task in such capable hands !!!

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