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Tell your jokes ..!

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Well, I don't purposefully crack a joke a day people, but there comes a phone call everyday to lure me to buy one commodity or another and I tried yelling at all possible decibels?never worked. And then I tried this?

Ring. Ring.

"Hello ?"

"Good Morning Sir, I am calling on behalf of The MAS Bank and?."

"MAS ? Never heard of that" Confused.

"Sir, we are debuting in the market and we offer?"

I got it?this guy is not gonna hang up for an hour now.

"Sir, the interest rates are the best in ?.."

"I was just wondering about the war you know?" I started.

"Err?.Sir?,of course, it's bad" He mumbled.

"Nah ! the Civil War, I don't know what would happen, look at Lincoln?he is taking decisions by minute"

"Sir?that's history" Shocked

"But tell me, why should my Old Man shout at me for not coming to Christmas ?"

"I'm sorry Sir, I'm not able to follow you"

"You a stalker, Mr. ?"

"No, Sir?I mean,"

"Kong, come here?.please talk to Mr. Kong?



Relief ! Not exactly good manners, but if you get 15 calls a day like this, you tend to become sadistic. But here too, humor helps !

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A couple are going out for dinner..

After THE WIFE leaves him wait for an hour put make-up on her face with different kinds of cosmetics, then he has to answer her question..

"Honey, do i look NATURAL ? "

:roll: :lol:

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.....The doctor had to woke up at late night when the phone ring..

"Doctor, I need your help, my little son just swallow a condom and now it struck in his throat" .. fast told to doctor with worrying sounded.

?Oh madam, sorry to hear, I will be there soonest please do not too worried, your son gonna be fine? doctor tried to comfort her from worrying her little son.

Few mins later, the phone ring again. Doctor knows that must be call from worrying mom, yes that?s a call from her again.

?Doctor, you don?t have to come, sorry disturbing? said woman.

?Why not, what had happened, is he alright now ?? Doctor asked makes sure that poor boy was okay.

?.. Err..it?s okay doctor.. my husband found a new one..? :shock: :lol:

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