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VDO CentralWorld (The best marriage proposal)



I dont know who they r but i heard about this story a month ago
and today  i just found this one on youtube 
349242.gif?1189646253   Ps. Jealous mak mak ~>_<~  


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ªÃºà¾Å§¹Õéà»ç¹·Ø¹à´ÔÃÃÂÙèáÅéÇ ä´éÃÒÃóì«Öé§àŹéç

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I agree he deserved more than a kiss on the forehead, but seriously....if you know you are going to do this, wouldn't you dress up a little more (than t-shirt & khakis)?

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Yea, he deserved more than a kiss on a forehead it almost looked a "good job" kiss. She didnt really look to into it either....I didnt see her nod her head or say yes....But whoever asks Sweetiebabie to marry them is in for a good time.lol

I agree with Tricio...he should have dressed up, at least lose the trackie bums.

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My friiiiiied did it!!

I've recorded the first part here when he did his proposal. Available here:

Went to their weeding a couple of days later. Was sooooo nice!

Only french guys can do that haha!

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¹Ñ觴ÙáÅéǹÑè§ÃéçäËé Ãѹ«Öé§ææ ªÒµÔ¹Õé¨Ãà¨Ã¼ÙéªÒÂẺ¹ÕéäËÃÇèÃ

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