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any Idea for Box-set to watch in bed before sleep?

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The Inbetweeners,

Not going out,


Inside the universe with Stephen Hawkin...Just got done watching it and my mind is fried. Very good.

BBC South Pacific

The IT Crowd

Two and half men (havent seen many of them just quickly checked my HDD)

Thanks Teddy.

actually done with two and a half men too ,

Dexter, the inbetweeners sounds nice will see if i can find it in the shop

i think i have seen not going out for a couple episode and thanks for reminding me about it :)

not keen on Lost just dont understand im completely lost with Lost lol


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Spaced (To this day I still little subtleties in the script I hadn't picked up on before)

Only fools and horses (Classic TV)

Asylum (A little weird but funny)

Family Guy (Where have you been if you haven't seen this?)

Si6: Shouldnt The Big Bang Theory have "Gay" written next to it too?

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lol big bang is funny im waiting for it release in the Box-set.

i have never seen family guy, actually just 1 episode than never again, dont like the cartoon they better make it with real ppl . cartoon is just not my cup of tea even if it really funny tho.

all the list u guys gave me is great i write them down , and will see if i can get from the shop. or order it from amezon.

Happy days!

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