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What's music u listen to lately???

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I would recommend:


The Militia - Gangstarr

Beautiful - Mary J Blige (Blackstar remix with Talib and Mos Def)

Love of My Life - Erykah Badu and Common

No Nuts - Heiroglyphics

93 to Infinity - Souls of Mischief

Ms. Hill - Talib Kweli

Sharp Shooters - Dead Prez and Talib Kweli

The Arena - Gangstarr

You Know My Steez - Gangstarr (remix version is best)


Rain When I Die - Alice in Chains

Eons - 311

Don't Tread on Me - 311

Galapagos - Smashing Pumpkins

Luna - Smashing Pumpkins

Nutshell - Alice in Chains

Best of Me - The Starting Line

Same Direction - Hoobastank

Love Song - 311

Mayonaise - Smashing Pumpkins

That's just a short list I've compiled, there's TONS of amazingly wonderous hip hop and rock songs that I don't think many people know about...

OH ya one of my fav is 311 but i haven't listen to them often. How about Sublime?????

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Sublime is another one of my favorite bands. 40 ounces to freedom, the detox cd, etc are great. if you like sublime, you might like the long beach dub all-stars, it's made up of sublime (minus bradley noel the lead singer). 311 is my all time favorite band, when i lived in the u.s.a. i saw them in concert 10 times...i also have their 5 hour live concert dvd if you wanna borrow it sometime, it's marvelous :)

WOW!!!! Sure i wanna borrow u but how?????? I love them !!! How about 311 new album??? Good?

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Tracklist koh samed cd:


2.kanye west-hey mama

3.jay z-heart of the city

4.my morning jacket-anytime

5.massive attack-unfinished sympathy

6.block party-this modern love

7.bran van 3000-astounded

8.depeche mode-never let me down again

9.daft punk-digital love

10.morcheeba-big calm


Tracklist koh samed chill out cd:

1.air-all i need

2.flunk-blue monday

3.jay z-whishing on a star

4.max romeo & jah shaka - far i captain of my ship

5.sublime-what i got


7.al green-lets stay together

8.røyksopp-what else is there

9.radiohead.street spirit

10.the cure-a letter to elise

11.cafe del mar-lazy summer days

12.erlend øye-poor leno

I really want to borrow those CD hehehehe..... Cool songs.

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Vex'd - Lion, Function (30hz remix), Killing Floor, End of Line.

Burial - Burial, South London Boroughs EP.

Good call mate, but too commercial.

Diedre Barlow sings The Coronation Street Greats. Feat. Len "Len" Fairclough.

"It's my Murial" - Hilda Ogden

"Ena's my hot chick" - Albert Tatlock

"Booty Call" - Alf Roberts. Feat. Vera Duckworth & Emily Bishop aka "Hot Mancs".

psssst - that might be wasted comment for all non Brits.


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