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Very interesting... Pre op TS going for ANTM Season 11... Will she ever win the prize?

Check it out



Not gonna happen. Just another one of Tyra's publicity stunt to get the ratings up. In a conservative country like the U.S. a TS has absolutely no chance of winning a reality show. My money is on the French girl this season. Then again, she's French... :roll:

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Is that Tysons love child?

I don't know but there are a million ladyboys that look like him in Pattaya, Patong, Patpong, every night, I can't see why anyone would think he's got a chance in Americas next top model, and the only reason the poor blokes on there is to be ridiculed and made a fool of in front of millions of TV viewers.

If you think Outoforders being nasty, that slag Tyra Banks is being a whole world nastier by pulling this sick PR stunt at the expense of this bloke in a skirt.

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Don't worry, your adult fantasy playing dressed up is not ruined yet, dear.

Lol, here we go again...


i have no clue what you're talking about :roll:

Stop fighting girls.. You are both super cute :wink:

Whats wrong with you?

I diasgnose extreme hormonal imbalance caused by prolonged exposure to Fosters...


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I don't care about a reality TV show in America.

But I saw SweetieBabe on Saturday at the Auction... and SHE'S hot!

I've also talked to her, and she's lovely, friendly, interesting and quite shy.

I agree about reality TV show in America, we all know there is no written script :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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